mars 2018

23 Mar B1-AKT crafts for change with SONU

B1-AKT is proud to announce the partnership with SONU – Sorbonne pour l’Organisation des Nations Unies.

Crafting for Change is a project from the Development Division from Sorbonne for the United Nations Organisation SONU. This project aims to help communities in distress through the development of craftsmanship.

In order to achieve this, three workshops linking design students and craftsmen take place, two in Argentina and one in France. In Paris, refugee craftsmen are currently working with design students from The SorbonneUniversity.

Later this year an exhibition will take place showing the work from the three workshops where the public will be able to appreciate our craftsmen’s work and will be able to purchase some of the pieces.

The aim of it all is to create a positive image for these communities, refugees and rural craftsmen in order to enhance their social and economic integration into society.

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Special thanks to Natalia Baudoin.

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12 Mar B1-AKT joins forces Monica Moisin – The Cultural Intellectual Property Initiative

The Cultural  Intellectual Property Initiative (Cultural  IP ) was created by Monica Moisin.

Monica has pioneered the terms ‘cultural intellectual property law’ and ‘traditional identity design’ within Romanian and international academia and has defined the “benefit sharing business model” for collaborations between the fashion and product design industry and traditional creative communities

The initiative Is designed  to  be a  worldwide  movement  supporting  the  recognition  of  cultural  IP  rights  for craftsmen and  women who are keepers and transmitters of traditional manufacturing techniques, traditional cultural expressions and expressions of folklore, moreover it supports cultural sustainability and fashion as a form of education and promotion of cultural heritage.

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