30 Mai The Outsider » – Interview of our Founder Laura Petrache

1) D’où venez-vous, Laura, et quel a été, en quelques mots, votre parcours ?
Where do you come from Laura, and, in a few words, what has been your experience ?

I was born in Romania but I have a profound love for the United States of America where I lived an important period of my life. I discovered there that excellence exists and the path of professionalism is made of a” savant mélange” of humanity, skills, open-mindedness and making decisions. United States of America gave me the chance to act and to innovate. Personally, I define innovation as a social, collaborative process involving artists, scientists, humanists and industry professionals working together on new problems and opportunities raised by technological and cultural change.


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21 Nov Change Makers: Laura Petrache & Project Together

The Project Together Community is a group of young change makers, coaches and social entrepreneurs from all over Germany and Europe. We offer you a space for connecting with like-minded people, mutual collaboration, network and know-how. Get into action and benefit from each other’s knowledge, expertise and network. Let´s solve the world´s biggest challenges together and co-create our future.

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13 Nov Social Innovation to Tackle Fuel Poverty – COP 23

Ashoka and the Schneider Electric Foundation, in partnership with Enel and networking partner B1-AKT announce the 15 winners of the 2017-2018 “Social Innovation to Tackle Fuel Poverty” programme in Europe during COP23 in Bonn, Germany.

TFP17-18 COP23 Press Release B1AKT Ashoka

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09 Nov B1-AKT is proud to support UK based partner – Create Seven

The role of Create Seven will be to develop and enable post conventional leaders to co-create a better future.

Today ‘conventional’ leaders in our organisations are struggling to adapt to increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). The decisions made by
Leaders in our organisations collectively create the society in which we live.


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27 Oct Migrant Integration Lab – Assemblée Nationale Française

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14 Oct How Migrant Entrepreneurship could shape Good Long-Term Economic Growth of Europe

Umesh Mukhi, Founding Director, Sustainable Leadership Initiative,

The migrant crisis has been one of the most prominent issues faced by European Union. I think its crucial to find change-makers who are trying to create significant social impact by training migrants to become competitive work force for EU. I had a chance to meet Yannick Le Guern & Laura Petrache and ask them few questions about their initiative MIGRANT INTEGRATION LAB which aims to resolve such complex issue. I hope readers would be able to draw some inspiration and insights to follow their path.

  • The project seems to be very unique, can you share with us about what were the key motivators to pursue Migrant Lab?

Yes, indeed it actually is and not seems to be . As I encountered some of the issues that migrants are encountering now days and after an experience in Syrian ground, I wanted to build together with Yannick the co-founder of MIGRANT INTEGRATION LAB, a global European device permitting the sustainable integration of migrants and ethnic minorities. For us a welcoming culture is one that contributes by helping migrants, newcomers and their families overcome obstacles in all areas of life, while also providing business start-up assistance and targeted employment. This is why we facilitate and foster economic and social integration of migrants by supporting them in the development of new business initiatives.



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01 Oct Exciting New Partnership Announcement B1-AKT – Sciences-Po Refugee Help

Migrant Integration Lab- Sustainable Solutions and B1-AKT-Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Communication are pleased to announce Sciences Po Refugee Help Leading Partnership.

Sciences Po Refugee Help is a student association working to uphold the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in France through short and long-term aid and integration.

Born in September 2015, at the heavily mediatised peak of the European refugee crisis, their goal was first and foremost to bring emergency humanitarian aid to street camps and housing centres in the Île de France region. Since, the association has also started working towards longer-term initiatives, specifically regarding the integration of asylum seekers and refugees.

More on:


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13 Mar B1-AKT & CNR UNESCO join their forces against violence


 « Academy of Young Women »

The fight against xenophobia, extremism and aggression

Romania – Bucharest August 2017

B1-AKT is honoured to assure an international workshop during the CNR-UNESCO’S ACADEMY OF YOUNG WOMEN, that will take place at in Romania, in August 2017.


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01 Mar Conference  » Linguistical politics and multilinguism in Europe » Y. Le Guern – L. Petrache

université paris diderot sorbonne these recherche langue B1-AKT le guern yannick Petrache1

Yannick Le Guern et Laura Petrache – B1-AKT donnent une conférence  sur le thème  » Apprentissage des langues et intégration sociale – Ressorts interculturels du Migrant Integration Lab  »

UFR d’études interculturelles de Langues Appliquées. Université Paris-Diderot.

Séminaire doctoral « Politiques Linguistiques et plurilinguisme en Europe ». Sous la direction de J.C. Herreras.

Programme Ici

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25 Fév B1-AKT and CMA-Life Long Learning World Commitee join forces

CMA life long learning B1-AKT Sustainable Strategies Petrache Le Guern 1

 « B1-AKT  teams-up with CMA in order to build 1000 learning territories world-wide»

The original goal that led to the creation of the World Committee, stemmed from the observation that the lifelong learning concept had evolved in the 1990s from a recommendation to a necessity, owing to the advent of the Knowledge Society, in which the sharing of knowledge and skills are a key factor.

CMA is an international NGO in active partnership with UNESCO. They all share a strong determination to contribute to a harmonious development of the lifelong learning sector.
The World Committee was created in 2004 by a team of French, Chinese, North-American and Quebec professionals.

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30 Jan « Empowering Social Entrepreneurs for Innovation and for a sustainable civil society » with Yannick Le Guern

Impacthub Yannick Le Guern Laura Petrache social entrepreneurship 1

Article of Laura Johnson – Expert on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Social Entrepreneurship// Innovation// Europe// Policy Making// Citizenship// Community Leader//

“Empowering Social Entrepreneurs for Innovation and for a sustainable civil society with Yannick Le Guern “

Today, a culture of entrepreneurship that encourages and supports the five skills -questioning, observing, networking, experimenting and associative thinking -is increasingly powerful.
Unfortunately, a natural pattern in the evolution of the French enterprises makes it very difficult for established companies to do this. In the earliest stages of any new business, the most important thing is to come up with a product or service that people will pay for; and this is the stage when the five discovery skills are so important.
Going forward, ‘entrepreneurial management techniques’ will be increasingly important to business success. One of innovative entrepreneurs, who launched ventures that offer a unique value proposition is Yannick Le Guern.


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10 Déc Congrès mondial pour la pensée complexe – UNESCO


Congres Mondial pour la pensée complexe-Celebrating 70 years of UNESCO. Yannick Le Guern, Edgar Morin, Daniel Janicot, Pierre-Julien Dubost, Fulvio Caccia, Esther Dubois, Khadija Moudnib, Laura Petrache, les Mariannes de la République

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09 Déc Yannick Le Guern and Laura Petrache joined the Board of Beyond CSR


We are proud to announce our partnership and collaboration with Beyond CSR – UK  in Creative Leadership, Design Thinking Labs, Awareness Campaigns, Policy and Culture Innovation. Experts on Complex Issues & Sustainable Communities Builders

Excited to be part of the board.

Based in UK, BeyondCSRNet are a team of experts from diverse backgrounds committed in social innovation and entrepreneurship as cornerstones of impact activity.


They turn CSR into an Impact Investement tool. Develop CSR into a Systemic Change Mechanism.Design tailor-made funding solutions in order to support international or regional projectsof wide social impact within  that lead to Community Development and Systemic Change.


Beyond CSR

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28 Nov Global Sustainable Leaders Meet up & Working Session

Young global sustainable leaders paris le guern petrache dalkiran proteou mukhi protic

Building a more sustainable future.


  • Promote International Development
  • Develop Sustainable Leaders by means of Programs and Trainings, Labs and Sustainable Learning
  • Promote cooperation with other countries

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24 Nov Tribune pour une véritable politique européenne d’intégration des migrants


 « Tribune pour une véritable politique européenne d’intégration des migrants »

Quelques semaines après le démentellement de la jungle de calais, les questions de fond ne sont toujours pas résolues, faute d’avoir été posées, … et surtout entendues par les pouvoirs publics.

Sur le terrain, les associations font du mieux qu’elles peuvent pour répondre à des situations de crises, d’urgence permettant de pallier l’indigence et la honte du non-accueil des réfugiés politiques, ou économiques.

Néanmoins, à l’instar des institutions, Ministère de l’Intérieur, OFII, OFPRA, …  elles sont dépassées. (suite…)

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15 Juin B1-AKT & AKT AS-1 partenaires du « Festival International – La Nuit des Arts et des Mondes 2016 »

La 3ème édition de « La Nuit des Voyages aux bouts des Arts et des Mondes », festival des Arts et de l’Interculturalité créé en 2007, et portée par l’Association Arts-Mondes-Cultures s’est déroulée  du 21 mai au 14 juin, aux SHEDS de Pantin dans le petit Brooklyn – 21ème district.

Le festival a eu cette année, pour thème : « UNI(S)VERS LE RENOUVEAU ». Il était placé sous le patronage de la Commission Nationales Française pour l’UNESCO et de la Commission Nationale Roumaine pour l’UNESCO, du Mona Bismarck American Center et a bénéficié du soutien de la Ville de Pantin.


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10 Juin AKT AS-ONE soutient : Sensibles Quartiers et Opéra

AKT AS-1 a été heureux de soutenir l’opération Sensibles Quartiers et Opéra avec la Compagnie La Tempête dans le quartiers dis sensible, » les 4 Chemins », à Pantin lors du festival « La Nuit des Arts et des Mondes »

Ont été présentés : Vêpres – Sergei Rachmaninov (chœur) et Canticle of the Sun – Sofia Gubaidulina (chœur, percussions & violoncelle solo) sous la direction de Simon-Pierre Bestion, direction / 26 chanteurs / 2 percussions / 1 violoncelle.


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30 Août Open invitation : “Envisioning the global sustainable community in Pantin” by intercultural and art projects

May 21st – June 14th

Values diversity. A sustainable community understands that a cross section of the human and natural environment reveals one constant: diversity. Human diversity and biodiversity are essential to a thriving social dynamic and web of life. A sustainable community promotes and implements this truth through its policies regarding the built environment. It does not segregate or segment populations or elements of nature but integrates them into the fabric of the community. This will permit new arrived companies and existent ones, social integration and becoming social main sustainable actor.


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18 Mar Idées et valeurs. Jean Lacouture : Parce que la France importe au monde.

La devise de Jean Lacouture est une promesse : « ne pas raconter sa vie telle qu’on l’a vécue, mais la vivre telle qu’on la racontera »
On devrait enseigner Jean Lacouture dans les écoles. On y apprendrait la vie, l’engagement, le parti pris, l’amitié, l’amour. On y apprendrait à être soi, à être libre, à être debout, à faire progresser l’humanité. On y apprendrait à vivre sans subir, en inventant, sans peur et sans remord, à se construire sans oublier l’autre et en baissant un monde meilleur.
Quelqu’un qui a été, est, et sera.

L’histoire de Jean Lacouture est celle d’un bourgeois français du 20e siècle, d’un chrétien qui a couru le monde. Éduqué chez les jésuites, journaliste, il n’était pas destiné à devenir un champion de la décolonisation. Il saura reconnaître certains biens à la colonisation, mais surtout beaucoup de maux. Il va contribuer à l’indépendance des peuples. Passionné de Rugby, mélomane, passionné de tauromachie (comme allégorie de la quête d’absolu ou spirituelle), de l’Egypte, de Stendhal, de Montaigne de Montesquieux, mais pas que. Homme engagé auprès du général Leclerc pendant la guerre, partisan de la première heure de la décolonisation.

Pour Jean Lacouture, la vocation de la France n’est pas de maîtriser le monde, mais est internationale en tant que centre d’équilibre. Nous y parlerons des rencontres avec Mendes France, un homme à la volonté de comprendre, pour qui il aura un profond attachement, ainsi qu’avec Bob Kennedy. Nous ferons un petit retour sur les rapports avec Pol Pot et les Khmers Rouges.
On y parlera de Berck, de Gaulle, Mitterrand, Clemenceau et Machiavel, du monde et du journal Le Monde, du bien, du mal, de l’âme, de conscience, de dieu, de créationnisme, de charité et d’être Chrétien, de l’approche du beau et du bon, des rapports courtois avec la vie, de : « l’autre, celui que je devrais aimer mieux ».

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