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20 Août B1-AKT Hires 1 Business Developer

We’re looking for a passionate, talented, charismatic, imaginative business development / partnership manager to come and join the B1-AKT team. You’ll be identifying and bringing on new clients whilst super-servicing existing clients by developing ongoing mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships.

We are looking for someone very special indeed to join our close-knit team, actively enhancing our vibrant culture.


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12 Mar B1-AKT joins forces Monica Moisin – The Cultural Intellectual Property Initiative

The Cultural  Intellectual Property Initiative (Cultural  IP ) was created by Monica Moisin.

Monica has pioneered the terms ‘cultural intellectual property law’ and ‘traditional identity design’ within Romanian and international academia and has defined the “benefit sharing business model” for collaborations between the fashion and product design industry and traditional creative communities

The initiative Is designed  to  be a  worldwide  movement  supporting  the  recognition  of  cultural  IP  rights  for craftsmen and  women who are keepers and transmitters of traditional manufacturing techniques, traditional cultural expressions and expressions of folklore, moreover it supports cultural sustainability and fashion as a form of education and promotion of cultural heritage.

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23 Fév Migrant Integration Lab – Global Competitiveness & Migrant Entrepreneurship

Global Competitiveness & Migrant Entrepreneurship

Global Competitiveness can be expanded through a multi-lingual, multi-cultural workforce and the revitalization of declining communities can be achieved through the contributions of migrant families working in tandem with their native-born neighbors, these are few of the reason of empowering migrants to success. @Migrant Integration Lab

Special thanks to Yannick Le Guern B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Communication, Laura Petrache Migrant Integration Lab, Coralie Gaudoux, Manon Crozet, Simon Dinan – Make Sense, Carmen Siller -MENT Project, Khaled Kaka Mosaic Project, Nour Comprendre Pour Apprendre Project, Isabelle Grapotte – Co, the migrants, all the mentors & supporters involved.

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2018-02-19 Report migrant integration solutions short version B1-AKT Yannick Le Guern Laura Petrache



« A sustainable solution to a world-wide crisis »


The purpose of this report is to serve as a guide for national and international integration governments, actors and facilitators, policy makers, to turn a crisis into a societal, economic, cultural and sustainable development advantage.

This report is based on

  • The description of a holistic device of migrants* sustainable integration designed & created by B1-AKT
  • Practical integration experiments in 7 countries,
  • Feedback, evaluation and international benchmark as to extract efficient integration practices.


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06 Mar B1-AKT Empowers women by street-art

 « Empowering women and fighting against xenophobia the 8 march by means of street-art.»

 CP Dis bonjour à la Dame 8 mars B1-AKT Vitry art 2 rue Le Guern

B1-AKT, Arts-Mondes-Cultures and Vitry Art de Rue, joined their forces in order to empower women and fight against xenophobia the 8 march by means of street-art.
The feminine artists we will use their skills to create murals addressing problem with domestic violence, gender inequality and the mistreatment of women. This dedicated event is called “dis bonjour à la dame” and it will take place in Vitry.


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20 Déc La Chine et ses défis – Fondation Res Publica – Partie 2 – NTD TV

Interview pour la Télé Chinoise indépendante NTD TVde Jean-Pierre Chevènement par Yannick Le Guern, président de B1-AKT à l’occasion du Colloque du lundi 14 décembre 2015 sur « La Chine et ses défis : vers un nouveau modèle de développement ? » organisé par la fondation Res Publica.

Avec la participation de :

  • Patrick Artus, économiste et directeur de la recherche et des études de Natixis, et co-auteur avec Marie-Paule Virard de « Croissance zéro, comment éviter le chaos? » (Éditions Fayard, 2015),
  • Jean-François Di Meglio, président d’Asia Centre,
  • Joris Zylberman, co-fondateur et directeur général d’ActuAsia, directeur de la publication et rédacteur en chef d’Asialyst, co-auteur avec Mathieu Duchâtel de « Les nouveaux communistes chinois » (Armand Colin, 2012),
  • Antoine Bondaz, coordinateur et assistant de recherche au sein d’Asia Centre,
  • Claude Martin, ambassadeur de France en Chine de 1990 à 1993,
  • Jean-Pierre Chevènement, président de la Fondation Res Publica,
  • Yannick Le Guern, président de B1-AKT / NTD TV France,
  • Laura Petrache, présidente de AKT AS-1, Intercultural Institute.
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