Fostering inclusiveness of European youth participation

]How can youth participation channels become accessible to all?

Fostering inclusiveness of European youth participation


Michalis Moschovakos, Policy Officer

European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture

Youth, Volunteer Solidarity and Traineeships Office

Laura Petrache & Yannick Le Guern, Founder & CEO

B1-AKT leading sustainable strategies & paragon communication

Valentin Dupouey, Secretary-General

JEF Europe

Céline Guedes, Junior Policy Officer

Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)

Millennial Dialogue Project


Goal: Evaluating the issue of youth participation, current approaches and possibilities

  1. Intro and video statement by Umesh Mukhi, a youth activist
  1. Speaker round: 2 Minutes per speaker answering the question:

Why are certain young social groups underrepresented in European participation channels?

  1. Small group work around each expert: Brainstorm on:


Which links/ opportunities would you need in order to involve respective young social groups in terms of reach, access, form of participation, impact and feedback in a participatory practice?


  1. Plenum: Clustering the results and discussion on

New approaches or shape existing ones? Who has a true “need” for more dialogue?

As to ensure a high quality of the results of the workshop session, it would be great if you would be prepared to elaborate on the questions above.

I am very much looking forward to interesting insights, ideas and a fruitful debate for all participants.

 Verena Riedmiller-Moderator