Fostering inclusiveness of European youth participation

01 Sep Fostering inclusiveness of European youth participation

How can youth participation channels become accessible to all?

Fostering inclusiveness of European youth participation



Michalis Moschovakos, Policy Officer

European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture

Youth, Volunteer Solidarity and Traineeships Office

Laura Petrache & Yannick Le Guern, Founder & CEO

B1-AKT leading sustainable strategies & paragon communication

Valentin Dupouey, Secretary-General

JEF Europe

Céline Guedes, Junior Policy Officer

Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)

Millennial Dialogue Project

Goal: Evaluating the issue of youth participation, current approaches and possibilities

  1. Intro and video statement by Umesh Mukhi, a youth activist
  1. Speaker round: 2 Minutes per speaker answering the question:

Why are certain young social groups underrepresented in European participation channels?

  1. Small group work around each expert: Brainstorm on:


Which links/ opportunities would you need in order to involve respective young social groups in terms of reach, access, form of participation, impact and feedback in a participatory practice?


  1. Plenum: Clustering the results and discussion on

New approaches or shape existing ones? Who has a true “need” for more dialogue?

As to ensure a high quality of the results of the workshop session, it would be great if you would be prepared to elaborate on the questions above.

I am very much looking forward to interesting insights, ideas and a fruitful debate for all participants.

 Verena Riedmiller-Moderator