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Leading Intercultural Training Institute


We are creating sustainable leaders & managers, intercultural actors. We provide a highly practical perspective on one of today’s most pressing business issues: how to lead in a complex, cross-border, multicultural environment.

Leading Management Training

Do you have gaps in your current business knowledge that are limiting your career development?
Our leading training programs bring you up to speed with accelerated learning in all the essential cross-functional skills and help you to integrate them into your business as a whole.
We train you to develop cross-functional business skills to become an effective manager / business leader.
You will progress through a cross-disciplinary exploration of the critical challenges faced by organizations and business leaders today. This will provide the context in which you develop your management skills and integrate the business fundamentals.
AKT AS 1’s Strategic Leading Management Training includes themes as :

— General Management
— Strategy & Leadership
— Innovation & Entrepreneurship
— Intercultural & Leading Management

Language and Cultural Training

In today’s global business environment, understanding other cultures provide a real competitive advantage:
Negotiators can accelerate their discussions by minimizing communication hurdles, marketers can more effectively engage with target audiences in specific countries or regions, and product managers can make appropriate localization decisions.
Although a certain amount of cultural knowledge can be acquired through personal experience or trial and error, it is often more effective and efficient to gain it through what is referred to as “cross-cultural training,” “cultural sensitivity training,” or “intercultural training.”
These types of cultural education programs go much deeper than simple do’s and don’ts; they focus on providing the cultural knowledge and skills to address the practical challenges of working globally.