be one


change making – be one

Shaping a better future

enables a network of global shapers, driving dialogue, action and implementing change.

We are passionate change makers and our actions are based on collective Intelligence and collaborations world wide.

We bring together diverse stakeholders that represent diverse communities, academic institutions, private and state institutions, entrepreneurs and investors who are co-creating an enabling environment to develop tangible and sustainable solutions, responding to multidimensional challenges, helping in effect to build more inclusive communities,
enabling Sustainable Politics.

We provide Innovative tools, methods, and systems to solicit public feedback, offering (French) People more opportunities to participate in policy making while providing government with the benefits of their collective expertise and information.


Humanism, social entrepreneurship and sustainability, hybrid identity,  global citizenship,  intercultural dialogue, transnational framework, Innovation.


Implement sustainable development and sustainable solutions, create long-term, global change, by using innovative tools and sustainable strategies to get there.

The « Nuit des arts et des mondes » International Festival

Initiated in 2007, the Festival has become a national model of a research-based presentation of contemporary living cultural and intercultural traditions.

It represents an exercise in cultural democracy, in which cultural practitioners speak for themselves, with each other, and to the public.