B1-AKT Hires 1 Business Developer

We’re looking for a passionate, talented, charismatic, imaginative business development / partnership manager to come and join the B1-AKT team.

You’ll be identifying and bringing on new clients whilst super-servicing existing clients by developing ongoing mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships.

We are looking for someone very special indeed to join our close-knit team, actively enhancing our vibrant culture.


We want our new team member to possess tremendous skill, passion, commitment and drive. We’re looking for a talented individual who can demonstrate confidence, efficiency and skill in delivering growth across our 4 inter-dependent business units.

If this is ticking your boxes, then please read on…

What you’ll be doing in this exciting brand role…

  • Developing a refreshed business development strategy – you’ll be co-creating this with our managing director and the entire B1-AKT team.
  • Communicating the brand – you’ll be working alongside the head  of our departments to design, develop and implement truly engaging marketing campaigns, helping educate new and existing clients on the services we provide, how we work, the ways in which we add value and most importantly, why they should choose B1-AKT.
  • Identifying business opportunities – you’ll be responsible for researching, locating and identifying commercial opportunities for our Agency to develop new client relationships.
  • Lead on sales brainstorming sessions – working with the team to come up with innovative, original and inventive marketing solutions.
  • Selling our services as part of our integrated approach – strategy (engagement and consultation, market research and planning services), creative (design thinking solutions, holonomics approach), and communications
  • Presenting B1-AKT – you’ll be responsible for writing winning proposals, completing winning tenders and delivering winning pitches in order to help generate new business for the agency.
  • Winning new work – you’ll be tasked with generating new business to meet the company’s overall financial targets.
  • – you’ll be continually on the look-out for potential new partners for B1-AKT. We love to add value as standard!

Salary : Business Provider Contact

We don’t want to receive just the ‘usual’ CV’s and covering letters. Feel free to be as creative as you’d like in your approach. Please make your submission stand out!

In essence, show us how you market / brand / sell yourself! Tell us why this role is for you, what you’ve done before, your current role and benefits package and what makes you tick! We want to know why we should choose you to become part of our team.

Submissions can be emailed to Julie Delorme, at contact@b1-akt.com. Thank you


Recrutons : Business developer

Rattaché à la DG, vous êtes chargé de déployer notre stratégie commerciale en France et à l’international (Europe – Etats-Unis)

Pour vendre nos missions d’excellence aux Top Managers des PME en développement, ETI, et grands groupes, vous bénéficiez d’une solide expérience et valorisez vos réseaux (chefs d’entreprises, membres de CODIR, DRH, DirCOM, Directeurs de la stratégie, hommes et femmes politiques, journalistes…) tout autant que ceux de B1-AKT.

  1. Conseil :
  • Conseil en Stratégie et Leading Sustainable Strategies
  • Communication stratégique,
  • Pilotage de projet complexes
  • Stratégie de campagne électorale & Communication politique
  1. Accompagnement des dirigeants et des équipes dirigeantes


  1. Formation

Vente de prestations de formations de notre organisme de formations auprès des DRH, RRH :

  • Management de projet
  • Communication
  • Négociation
  • Interculturalité
  • Management interculturel


  • Engagement, agilité, rigueur, pro-activité, travail en équipe.
  • Savoir-être
  • Profil : regardez dans l’annonce en anglais ci-dessous…

Rémunération :

  • Contrat d’apporteur d’affaires (% intéressant)
  • Puis fixe et variable ou contrat d’apporteur d’affaires

Bios ou CV et lettres de motivation à envoyer à Julie Delorme, contact@b1-akt.com