Dispositif d’intégration pérenne des migrants – Assemblée Nationale

Présentation du dispositif d’intégration pérenne des migrants – Assemblée Nationale.

A migration crisis? Facts, challenges and sustainable solutions-Migrant Integration Lab – Laura Petrache, Yannick Le Guern

Since the beginning of 2014, approximately 800,000 people have arrived at EU borders through irregular channels, fleeing conflict and violence at home or in search of a better life abroad. This migration surge has become a highly sensitive political issue, generating intense political and public debate and exacerbating pre-existing weaknesses in immigration systems across Europe.

Meanwhile, the lack of an adequate response by EU governments has left hundreds of thousands of refugees and other migrants increasingly vulnerable. The current surge in migration to the European Union (EU) is rapidly becoming the largest and most complex facing Europe since the Second World War. EU governments are facing huge policy and practical challenges in determining and addressing the immediate and longer-term needs of refugees and other migrants.

As the EU urgently needs to put in place a coherent, long-term and comprehensive strategy that maximizes the benefits of migration and minimizes its human and economic costs, an effective response came under the form of the initiative of “Migrant Integration Lab”.

The “Migrant Integration Lab” immerged in France and extended to Romania, Italy and Greece reaching even Netherlands. The project was founded by Laura Petrache and Yannick Le Guern and it is based on their most recent experiences in implementing migrant integration and livelihood projects in many parts of the world as Romania, Africa, Syrian ground, France …Their solutions are innovative, their interventions concerning migrants’ integration, useful and effective. They see the refugee crisis “as chance to revitalize the European Union”.

They affirm that Europe risks collapse as a result of the illusion that we can face this problem by raising walls, closing borders, setting thresholds, discriminating on the basis of religion or building a mini-Schengen. In their opinion, Europe should organize economic migration flows, instead of resisting and denying them.

The principal beneficiaries of their Lab are: refugees, humanitarian entrants, family reunification cases, skilled migrants, marriage migrants, immigrants and temporary foreign workers and migrants but also ethnic minorities.

By empowering, training and accompanying migrants they facilitate integration, develop work insertion, entrepreneurship and help elaborate livelihood projects. By their actions, they encourage public debate, contribute and promote awareness, citizenship, economic growth, sustainable communities & development.

They are defining themselves as “builders’ of intercultural dialogue”. They are promoters of a “balanced gender representation and their actions “are committed to strengthening the ability of the host society to adjust to diversity, increasing the understanding and acceptance, promoting employment for migrant women and sustainable learning for young migrants”.

As results, the Founders of the Migrants Integration Lab – Laura Petrache and Yannick Le Guern – are forecasting “a more vibrant, cohesive society shared and valued by established and newcomer residents of different experiences, histories, ethnicities, and backgrounds but also an increased productivity, a robust economy through an expanded base of workers, consumers, taxpayers, and entrepreneurs”.

In their opinion, Global Competitiveness can be expanded through a multi-lingual, multi-cultural workforce and the revitalization of declining communities can be achieved through the contributions of migrant families working in tandem with their native-born neighbors, these are few of the reason of empowering migrants to successful. By cultivation a thriving ecosystem for social innovation and more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive communities they help refugees and migrants socialize.

By fostering respect and understanding for diversity, democratic values and citizenship and they “give citizens the opportunity to discover, learn from and understand the values and cultures of refugees and migrants and in the process enrich their own”. They believe in stronger communities with the ability to constitute a “France where all members of society-regardless of race, national origin, or socio-economic status, live in dignity and equality”.

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Laura Petrache-CEO and Founder of BE COM 1 LAB & AKT AS ONE Intercultual Training Institute//Leading Expert on Paragon Communication//Creator – Agyle – Innovative-Intercultural//Diligent political Adviser// Sustainable learning and Gender equality//Sustainable Communities//Global Sustainable Leader//

Yannick Le Guern-CEO and Founder of B1-AKT – Leading Sustainable Strategies//High Political Adviser//Deep thinker//Policy Maker//Entrepreneur// Change Maker//Global Sustainable Leader//Sustainable Communities and Citizenship//Strategy and complexity expert//Network agregator//