European Identity & interculturality projects – UNESCO Romania

European Identity & interculturality projects. A warm thank you to Daniela Popescu and Ani Matei – Unesco General Secretary – Romania.

Finding common ground

“Today we live in a “fractured world” and it is not only visible in world relations but is also continuously increasing, within societies. The rise of populism and protectionism is of concern to those who have relied on closer international cooperation to prosper.

New forms of sustainable leadership in a modern era, where fake news spreading like wildfire on social media, are not easy to bear.
As corporate leaders seek to please shareholders with commercial gain and political leaders pursue short-term policies to appease constituents, trust in “leadership in the modern era raises doubts as to how this fractured world can heal”.

Today’s Europe’s cultural “hybrid identity” can be consider a sustainable key of social development. Trans-nationally, trans-lingually and trans-culturally are the key words for a “sustainable future”; there is no hierarchy amongst and between the cultures we could embrace: they all have their treasures, and can all bring something to a common, positive global project.

Key projects like: renewal of European identity, Intergenerational dialogues, sustainable leader’ development and clear communication can be and should be approached through methods of social entrepreneurship and innovation labs.

Bringing people into dialogue has to be built on hybrid identities and news ways of exchange. These new ways has to be explored by networks and the invitation on the side of politics to create strong sustainable policies and can create a holistic solution and answer.”