Happy New Year Whishes

New Year’s wishes: a statement of peace, betterness, and cohesive societies.

« Dearest Humanity,
During the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded the world of its fragility and demonstrated the inherent risks of high levels of interdependence. In coming years, the world will face more intense and rapid global challenges. These challenges will repeatedly test the resilience and adaptability of communities, states, and the international system, often exceeding the capacity of existing models.

Europe is nowadays at a crossroad, divided between the need to remain faithful to its core democratic values and the need to protect its citizens against and the rise of nationalistic leaders and parties that require less Europe and more power back to the nation states.

Today, the global context is marked by the decay of modernity; it describes a world that is both moving closer together and drifting further apart; fertile ground for the spread of radical ideology exacerbates the risk of geopolitical conflict and complicates solutions to global challenges. The rise of new AI technologies and their potential to alter societal dynamics and to disrupt patterns of employment through the creation of learning machines will displace human roles.

The need for us to recognise our common humanity could not be any clearer. The challenges we currently face and those to come requires us to expand our circle of concern beyond our families and local communities. At a time of unprecedented political polarisation worldwide, we must find hope and must as citizens, come together across the ‘divide’. Our efforts must therefore be rooted in the reality we have, but visionary in terms of imagining and creating a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that more robustly recognises all people equally.

Mindful of both our rich heritage and our past failures to prevent war and enriched by our present diversity of experience and perspective, we must commit ourselves to a radically inclusive and transformative approach of our societies.

We must realise the potential and possibility, the interrelated and overlapping ethical streams, the value of different ways of being and knowing, and give our own efforts the chance to bring people together peaceably, equitably, respectfully. It is neither race, religion, culture, or nationality that should drive us to help others, it is the one common thread between all of us: our humanity.

More than ever Peace, Tolerance & Humanity Must Prevail! As we are One Nation, One Republic, One Humanity, sharing a communality of destiny’. With hope for what lies  ahead…I wish you all a Happy New Year !  » CEO Laura Petrache.

Photo Artist @LLGLOC for the « Dawn of Humanity, Enterprise a better world » book/ Charge « Hope »

« Il est temps de passer à la coopération, la solidarité et l’entraide. L’enjeu est celui d’un saut de conscience humain, d’une humanité solidaire et fraternelle à créer. Cet enjeu est le vœux que je formule pour cette nouvelle année, pour cette nouvelle société, à construire, ensemble ». Yannick Le Guern , CEO B1-AKT