Meeting and Coaching Migrant Project bearers – Wow Labs

« B1-AKT Migrant Integration Lab Mentors – Laura Petrache & Yannick Le Guern – meeting and coaching Migrant Entrepreneurs within Wow Labs»

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Migrant Integration LAB –A Transnational Pattern

 “A welcoming culture is one that contributes by helping migrants, newcomers and their families overcome obstacles in all areas of life while also providing targeted employment and business start-up assistance”. 

Our Labs are based on transnational frameworks that are giving policymakers a new lens with which to develop innovative public programs, and public-private partnerships across borders. And because of the economic implications of transnationalism, it provides opportunities for businesses, social entrepreneurs, and governments.

Find out more about our device here: MIGRANT INTEGRATION LAB “A sustainable solution to a world-wide crisis”

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