All Humanity is ONE : Togetherness #Weareone- a B1-AKT Statement

“Today, we are faced with many challenges.  Some of those are: seeing human dignity in the faces of the poor, the migrant and the elderly; seeing our responsibility for many of whom live in abject poverty; seeing our responsibility for educating our children.

So long as one, marginalized human being is considered a “problem” to be solved, we will continue to experience division and an absence of peace. Not even our brightest minds know how to put the world back together again. 

But every single one of us knows what the face of the human person looks like. If we get that right, we stand a far better chance of getting other things right, as well.  The time has come for our civilization to evolve from a competitive, scarcity and local mindset, to a collaborative and global mindset. The  time has come for us to deeply listen, further educate ourselves, and take new levels of empathetic action. 

We often write about innovative thinking, optimism, problem-solving and global mindsets but the events of the past weeks have shown us the extraordinary pain and collective anguish. Discrimination, prejudice, and violence can not and will not be ignored!

We have often taken a non-political stance, focusing on the proliferation of entrepreneurial mindset and sustainable innovation independent of political whims.

However, this is no longer a political issue. It is a moral one. One that stands at the core of our shared humanity, our ability to lift each other up as we pursue a future that is hopeful, positive, just and sustainable for all. 

Conversation and education is power.  And now, more than ever, learning and having open conversations both at home and work about racism and social justice is critical. We are not born racists, we are taught that way and it is our role to change the ways we educate our children. 

We must realize the potential and possibility, the interrelated and overlapping ethical streams, the value of different ways of being and knowing, the profound skepticism we should give our own efforts, and the chance to bring people together peaceably, equitably, respectfully.

Our efforts must be rooted in the reality we have, but visionary in terms of imagining then creating a better tomorrow that more robustly recognizes all people equally.

We are on the way and different people will serve different ways. As engineers developing sustainable buildings, as editors allowing  voices to be heard,  as teachers, as writers, philosophers, making sure peace, justice, and diverse cultures are part of the curriculum and writtings, we will work toward it. 

We will address specific problems. This is where the ideas are transformed into impulse, action and positive impact. Let us moove into the business of healing and reparing injustice. We can not do it without you! Joins us into shaping a Better Future and Building a better Humanity!” 


With respect, B1-AKT Founders. 

L’impact de la mort de Georges Floyd et le mouvement de mobilisation Black Lives Matter nous rappelle deux choses, le refus de l’injustice et de la discrimination ainsi que le besoin de sens, d’identité, d’appartenance.

Blanc et Noir ce mouvement l’est, comme un pavé mosaïque. Il doit trouver son équilibre dans l’universalisme de son message qui sera le garant de son impact sociétal positif.  

En effet, ce mouvement, est inévitablement porteur des frustrations, révoltes, mouvements de replis communautaires, rejets des institutions, de la police, et amalgames divers propices au chaos.

C’est également un élan de fraternité, de solidarité, de refus de la discrimination et d’espoir qui transcende les communautés. Il est bénéfique quand ses messages sont ceux de justice, d’égalité entre les hommes, de dignité, et d’unité humaine.

N’oublions jamais que nous ne sommes qu’une terre, qu’un peuple, qu’une Humanité. Pour cela nous devons chercher à œuvrer ensemble, à construire un monde (en) commun, le Notre.

Bâtissez une humanité meilleure et soyez les acteurs évolutionnaires du monde avec nous!  #WeAreOne

Join our movement and build a better Humanity by using #WEAREONE hashtag and by choosing the Facebook framework for you profile picture: WE ARE ONE CAMPAIGN by Laura Iuliana

Joignez-vous au mouvement et bâtissez une meilleure humanité en utilisant le hashtag #WEAREONE et en choisissant le cadre Facebook pour votre photo de profil : WE ARE ONE CAMPAIGN par Laura Iuliana.