Dear Readers our January Issue of our Newsletter is out!

Insights: In difficult times, where our values are tested and challenged, the path of least resistance is to become entrenched in the comfort our views, values, and groups. To create and empower a high-performing team and organization, leaders need to learn to become #bridgebuilders and engage collaborative intelligence as it is an essential lever to sustainably transform organizations and create sustainable performance.

In 2019, B1-AKT a collective of deep thinkers and thought sustainable leaders teamed up with École des Ponts Business School and their full MBA young leaders. The campaign was designed under the shape of a social impact project (SIP) and tailored as to build Positive & Sustainable Social Impact: #nowallsbutbridges campaign was born. Today in 2024, we keep “bridging” and build social positive impact with our latest impact project: BE ONE HUMANITY.

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