Craftsmanship for a Green Future

This year on April 26th we celebrated the World IP Day but also two years of existence of the Cultural IP Rights Initiative, that we support and endorse from its very beginning. The initiative is designed to be a worldwide movement supporting the recognition of cultural IP rights© for craftsmen and women who are the custodians and transmitters of traditional garments, traditional designs and traditional manufacturing techniques.

The Cultural IP Rights Initiative supports cultural sustainability and fashion as a form of education and promotion of cultural heritage and traditional cultural expressions.

The sweet spot for sustainable collaborations between between artisans and designers lays at the intersection of law, fashion, textile business practices, and traditional knowledge as a cornerstone of sustainable development. That is why sustainable development without cultural sustainability is impossible.

The initiative is supported by an ever growing international network of innovative thinkers, change-makers, global sustainable leaders, investing their time, resources and energy in creating a better tomorrow.

You can download the Craftsmanship for a Green Future Booklet here: