Create Seven: “A story about Change”

Co-operative Fire Circles. Come, sit a while and be together as we warmly move toward a more sustainable future for all.

Can you recall a time when you felt listened to, valued & you contributed to making a difference? Remember how amazing that felt…

The Create Seven community came together from different organisations and locations to work as a collaborative team. We did not all know each other so we took time to build trust.

We allowed space to connect head, heart and hand, we shared stories, our emotional drivers and histories, our frustrations and our hopes for the future.

We created a 3D sculpture of our current reality and from there we collectively sculpted a tangible picture of a more sustainable future. What we took away was a need to move towards bringing people physically closer, to connect people first as humans and to discover deeply what connects us as opposed to what divides us. To create a safe space where judgements are suspended, and by bringing people and nature closer together, levelling the field of opportunity to influence the energy and change.

We got into the shapes, movements and responses from the perspectives of those who can co-create this future; the earth, those disconnected,the voiceless, activists, business leaders, change makers, funders, young people and policy makers, as we embodied them in the 4D mapping session.


We observed and listened to the reality of the divides, and their stories. We went out on the streets of London during protest marches, had conversations with victims, business owners, migrants, consultants, changemakers and community workers. We deepened our awareness and challenged our own assumptions. With this greater awareness that came from immersing ourselves in this field of reality and possibility, the ideas wrote themselves.

Through iteration we were drawn to get started, drawn to the image of fire that energises us from the start. We now invite people across society to join us, in co-operative fire circles. An honest, calm and dynamic experience in nature where we commit as a group to defining and coming together on an action that contributes to a more sustainable future.

As the fire circles grow, new facilitators will be trained enabling the process to be seeded through wider communities. Stories will be collected and shared to demonstrate the impact and outcomes of this highly human, deep, restorative and transformative process.