Holonomics Lab

« Business where people and planet matter »Holonomics approach is a concept we call ‘the dynamics of seeing’.

The reason is that within general business practice there is an implicit assumption that the world ‘out there’ is a given and that people simply have different opinions about it. One of the qualities of a truly great designer is that the manner in which they experience the reality is dynamic, always searching for new ways of seeing and understanding the world.

The importance of the dynamics of seeing to developing a more profound understanding of customer experience design cannot be underestimated. All of us have the capacity to evolve if we develop an expanded level of consciousness but we also have to develop awareness of the barriers which can prevent us from achieving this.
A second important dimension to our Holonomics approach is our expanded interpretation of sustainability, which we define as the quality of our relationships. This is much wider than more typical definitions of sustainability, because it allows businesses to understand how they can better prepare for the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous reality we now live in.

When the leaders of an organisation fully sign up to this way of understanding sustainability, they are then able to transform their businesses through the redesign and rethinking of one of the most fundamental relationships they have, that which exists between a company and its customers.

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