New Leadership Voices 2 : Laura Petrache

Laura Petrache:

For me New Leadership is all about courage, creativity, sustainability and faith in people.

It’s a values-based leadership. Leaders as in “global sustainable leaders” need to be motivated by common values, rather than just financial performance.

A global sustainable leadership for me it’s all about Unleashing the power of co creation…this co-creation is a suitable innovation tool for all types of innovation.

We need new leadership to inspire us and give us courage especially in volatile times. We each have a unique blend of talents and a special dynamic within the diverse community we serve.

It is up to us to unlock our creative potential, to evolve and use our talents, and it is also up to us to help others to unlock their creative potential in their time of need.

Creating more sustainable communities is the key to a better future so let’s act & become the sustainable leaders of tomorrow!

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