Newsletter B1-AKT Insider -November Issue

Dear Readers our November Issue of our Newsletter is out!


Today, the pandemic has resulted in tragic loss of life, disproportionately impacting the poor and those with underlying health conditions, and devastating lives and livelihoods. Through these challenging times, we have all been inspired by a new definition of the term “essential” — a realization that material things may not be critical, but people are.

Amidst divisive  elections, a global pandemic, climate change, and widespread war, a care lens invites us to acknowledge that we are caring citizens. Being a caring citizen (caring people), demands for us to see the human being as being closely interconnected with others in webs of care. Let us build a common vision on how to protect the notions that are central to a global, caring society: solidarity, equity and trust

Stay healthy, stay hopeful, stay positive.  #WEAREONE

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