Sustainable Solutions for Leading Change

Sustainable Solutions for leading Change with B1-AKT-Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Communication “Paragon Communication Lab”, against violence.

Context: UNESCO’s Academy of Young Women in Bucharest, Romania.


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Violence against women and children has far-reaching consequences, resulting in significant death and disability. Developing cultural competence results in an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures, and work with varying cultural beliefs and schedules.

The main question as to construct dialogue with the participants: “What are the specific postures, behaviors, tips in order to communicate and conduct Projects and become a global sustainable leader when you are a Woman?

Lab’s outcomes: A comprehensive approach to the prevention of violence against women and give communication keys, as to build leadership. Approach: We presented successful communication strategies, and promising interventions as well as emerging research that can potentially be applied in global settings.
Subjects already developed and global results:

The experts provided the trainees Sustainable solutions against violence and developed:

  • Open Mindness, awareness and global mindset
  • Adequate Postures, Behaviours and attitudes
  • Leading Communication tools
  • PR and Organizational Communication as influencer
  • Sustainable Projects
  • Social entrepreneurship consciousness
  • Game changing, How to become an Change actor
  • Political issues on inclusiveness fostering global issues on European Comunication channels and developing, reaching audiences
  • Commitment as local, national and international sustainable community builder
  • Building Networks
  • Youth Inclussion

We answered and developed themes and questions as :

What are today’s generational issues and expectations for X, Y, Z and Millenials?

Inter-generational and sustainable actions

What are levers through which to act as leading communicators?

How can youth participation channels become accessible to all?

Fostering inclusiveness of European youth participation

How can we become a Global Sustainable Leader?

How to contribute to the evolution of our society and world?

How can we Build Sustainable communities?

How can we Act as Global Citizen?

How can we Build and use power bases effectively

Communicate positive expectations for others

Foster creativity and manage change

The training programme was designed for people who aspire to establish positive communication with diverse group of stakeholders, by our founders Laura Iuliana and Yannick Le Guern

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Added value

  • Experiential and participatory training are seen as the most effective approaches, focusing on skills and attitudes rather than simply on information.
  • Providing ample opportunities for learners to express themselves is key to the learning process.

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