Helps design innovative new kinds of collectively intelligent solutions to solve important problems.

  • Do you have a big challenge that you are looking to solve in a new way?
  • Would you like to truly harness the intelligence of the people in your organization to solve the problem?

The “WE ARE ONE”  ( Collective Intelligence) Lab leverages the expertise of our staff to help companies develop innovative ways of solving their problems.

  • We’re not focused just on finding the solutions to the problems, but on designing new collectively intelligent prototypes that will continue to solve similar problems.
  • We’re not focused on applying routine solutions to common problems; we want to advance the state of the art by helping companies design innovative solutions for interesting problems.

Drawing on fields from design thinking to transition design, we won’t give you the answers, but we’ll work with you to help develop new ways of solving your important problems.


Our Lab is currently seeking sponsoring organizations with interesting problems to solve.  These organizations can be companies, governments (city, state, national, and other), non-profits, or other groups. 

For more information about participating in our Lab, please get in touch !