mars 2020

31 Mar Crossing the Rubicon : The Covid 19 Virus- by Global Sustainable Leaders Network

The most powerful positive we can take from this period of pain and disruption is that the system we’re all so used to will change forever. We will all be better prepared to co-create a new sustainable system. While we’re all practicing ‘physical’ distancing we don’t have to be ‘socially’ distant. Society is coming together in all sorts of creative and supportive ways. In summary:  Covid-19 is an opportunity for our collective growth and development. (suite…)

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15 Mar Profiles of textile Artisans in Kutch, Gujarat, India Report

We are happy & proud to share with you the report of our international partner Cultural IP Rights Initiative: Profiles of textile Artisans in Kutch, Gujarat, India. A synopsis of the Report is available here: Synopsis

The innovative character of this field study stems from the cross-disciplinary approach and the exclusive focus on the textile artisan as right-holder.

The cultural perspective merges with a legal perspective and a business perspective so that the artisan is not reduced to a pion in the textile supply chain but viewed as an agent of cultural sustainability.

This Report is an academic resource which can be used in academic settings as well as business frameworks, by designers and textile industry professionals, conscious and culturally aware individuals interested in developing and maintaining sustainable collaborations and engaging in co-creation processes with artisan communities.

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04 Mar Business Strategy Lab – Teamwill Global Enterprise

Business Strategy Lab –Teamwill Consulting

Exceptional leaders know how to integrate power, collaboration and influence to more effectively lead their organizations. Leadership success depends on the equal and judicious alignment of corporate culture, operations and strategy.

The key to harnessing great ideas is an inclusive and collaborative environment. People are the driving heart in everything we do, and the B1-AKT Strategy  Lab offers exciting opportunities to explore, solve, challenge and scale exciting projects.


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