06 Oct « Les voix du sens » : Séminaire international de recherche

Démarrage du séminaire de recherche international « Les voix du sens ». Nous y réfléchirons pendant 3 ans sur la prospective, l’évolution de la société et l’action humaine organisée. A l’aune de la pensée complexe, d’un panel de scientifiques, philosophes, prospectivistes, innovateurs, humanistes, penseurs et acteurs des transformations nous penserons la question du sens, des engagements individuels et collectifs, tout aussi bien que les questions de spiritualité, d’humanité et d’action concrète, de renouveau politique.

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This year, the report takes on special meaning. The year 2020 was immensely different from any in our history. Covid-19 began its spread across the world in heartbreaking ways, and the fight continues today to end this pandemic.

Devastating wildfires underscored the fragility of our planet and the clear and present threat of climate change. Tragic injustice revealed how much more we must do as a society to advance equity and social justice in our communities and countries. Millions struggled to put food on the table and a roof over their heads as the pandemic was on the rise…

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Today, the pandemic has resulted in tragic loss of life, disproportionately impacting the poor and those with underlying health conditions, and devastating lives and livelihoods.

Through these challenging times, we have all been inspired by a new definition of the term “essential” — a realization that material things may not be critical, but people are.

Essential workers are our everyday heroes and deserve to be recognized and celebrated, now more than ever.
They need urgent as well as long-term support. These frontline workers are standing up for us today. We need to stand up for them !

Please read and download our WE ARE ONE Campaign report here :

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Our Newsletter is out! « There are times when our work impacts us deeply — sometimes in ways we neither acknowledge nor understand. At B1-AKT, we believe that knowledge is most valuable when put to use for the greater good.

Change takes time. Social and environmental challenges such as persistent poverty, climate change or racism cannot be solved with a short-term mind-set.

Businesses and investors have the ability and the responsibility to help steer our world onto a more sustainable path. It is the beneficial impact of businesses and of human entrepreneurial spirit that we seek to harness in our bid to help, contributing towards a better world, for current and future generations. The impact you choose to highlight can be wide ranging and can affect many aspects of people’s lives.  We all have impact on the histories we are creating today! What is yours?

Stay healthy, stay hopeful, stay positive.

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15 Mar Profiles of textile Artisans in Kutch, Gujarat, India Report

We are happy & proud to share with you the report of our international partner Cultural IP Rights Initiative: Profiles of textile Artisans in Kutch, Gujarat, India. A synopsis of the Report is available here: Synopsis

The innovative character of this field study stems from the cross-disciplinary approach and the exclusive focus on the textile artisan as right-holder.

The cultural perspective merges with a legal perspective and a business perspective so that the artisan is not reduced to a pion in the textile supply chain but viewed as an agent of cultural sustainability.

This Report is an academic resource which can be used in academic settings as well as business frameworks, by designers and textile industry professionals, conscious and culturally aware individuals interested in developing and maintaining sustainable collaborations and engaging in co-creation processes with artisan communities.

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