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20 Oct B1-AKT Newsletter « The World Values day »

Allign your organisational values!

World Values Day is today, 20 th of October 2022. Values are what matter most to us. They motivate and guide us. In a world that can feel increasingly divided, values help unite us.  Why are values so important to organisations?

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18 Nov Newsletter B1-AKT Insider -November Issue

Dear Readers our November Issue of our Newsletter is out!


Today, the pandemic has resulted in tragic loss of life, disproportionately impacting the poor and those with underlying health conditions, and devastating lives and livelihoods. Through these challenging times, we have all been inspired by a new definition of the term “essential” — a realization that material things may not be critical, but people are.

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15 Oct Our Newsletter is out

#Reliable, #Influential, #Essential Our B1-AKT-Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Communication Insider Newsletter engages with the best minds and sharpest insights around biggest challenges. For #leaders building a #sustainable #future

Stay healthy, stay hopeful, stay positive.  #WEAREONE

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Our Newsletter is out! « There are times when our work impacts us deeply — sometimes in ways we neither acknowledge nor understand. At B1-AKT, we believe that knowledge is most valuable when put to use for the greater good.

Change takes time. Social and environmental challenges such as persistent poverty, climate change or racism cannot be solved with a short-term mind-set.

Businesses and investors have the ability and the responsibility to help steer our world onto a more sustainable path. It is the beneficial impact of businesses and of human entrepreneurial spirit that we seek to harness in our bid to help, contributing towards a better world, for current and future generations. The impact you choose to highlight can be wide ranging and can affect many aspects of people’s lives.  We all have impact on the histories we are creating today! What is yours?

Stay healthy, stay hopeful, stay positive.

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