Launching B1-AKT Transnational Lab

Launching the “Transnational LAB” (action oriented LAB) with Yannick Le Guern and Laura Iuliana

B1-AKT and its leading thinkers are collaborating with global citizens all over Europe. It is gathering participants from 12 countries, across disciplines, in order to experiment and explore how to articulate a trans-national vision of Europe.

The Lab draws its inspiration from systemic, citizens-led alternatives and movements concerning economic transformation, transnational entrepreneurship, social justice, social bridge builders, …

It also challenges citizens across the country and across the world to take action that fosters greater togetherness, compassion, peace and kindness in their communities through projects that build bridges and bring people together.

Citizens are invited to share their own stories and to interact with us on social media, as to unlock their inspirational stories on transnational citizenship, transnational entrepreneurship, diversity, identity, migration, circular economy (shape Good Long-Term Economic Growth of Europe).

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