Welcome to our global sustainable leaders and communication officers #beonehumanity project Chryztina Harding-Graham and Esme Edworthy. Proud to have you on board!

Let’s hear it from Chryztina and Esme:
« My studies in English, philosophy, and law have inspired me to further explore social justice and sustainability in all aspects of the world, leading me to this company and their campaign for the future. Using the media to strengthen our visibility as an organization, I will work to increase community engagement with the campaign and raise funds to further our mission.

Be One Humanity focuses on civic engagement, calling the world to come together to increase their social impact and create effective leaders.We face many issues as a collective, from poverty and hunger to an ecosystem that continues to weaken every day, threatening our livelihood.  
In this campaign, you can increase your awareness and play a more active role in the betterment of society through innovation, social entrepreneurship, and collaborative projects with like-minded individuals. The time to simply standby has passed, now we must act! » Chryztina Harding-Graham

« I am so excited to join B1-AKT as a Communication Officer for the Be One Humanity crowdfunding and communication campaign project, which enables me to make a positive impact on the future of humanity and bring people together no matter where they’re from or what they identify as. By utilising social media effectively, my goal is to raise awareness for the campaign and increase engagement in our vision, by involving other people who wish to build a better humanity. With this engagement, we can then fund, develop and support projects of social innovation to build bridges between cultures.
 In an increasingly interconnected world, it is so important to show people that we all share a common identity, and to deliver a positive message of unity. As a Politics student, I have a deep interest in global citizenship and social innovation, so I am very happy to be on board the Be One Humanity project, and to help create a positive ecosystem of social responsibility. Esme Edworthy