Launching B1-AKT Social impact Lab

The social sector is facing disruption. There is demand for new ideas, products, services, stakeholders, and relationships to overcome pressing societal challenges, and yet demand for support continues to outpace the supply of funding and services.

The Social Impact Lab is responding to this disruption by investing in innovation and creating strategic partnerships that support the social sector that solve social issues.

We aim identifying innovative and disruptive projects that have the potential to transform our community.

We bring together a variety of stakeholders, facilitating multi-partner collaboration between agencies, corporations, and citizens.

We promote and teach a systemic approach to social innovation, research, and human-centered innovation. The lab is co lead by our 2 founders Yannick Le Guern and Laura Petrache. Stay tooned, more to Come soon.

Insight: “When writing in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other one represents opportunity. “John F. Kennedy

Nowadays we are living in a world that chances rapidly. All of us are aware about how things has chance in terms of economy, environmental issues and sustainability. Specially since the financial crisis, people is trying to focus in another ways of thinking because the system has failed.

But, Every crisis is also a big chance for those who are prepare to evolve. And here is where Social Innovation comes out

Many of the social challenges that the world is facing nowadays require radical innovation applying current technologies in the correct way, using networking to build human and social capital and creative fields.

Critical thinking is growing step by step and people is using their own methods to create great solutions. That´s why we need to work together to use this powerful tool and react now.

The old paradigm of government aid is inadequate. What we need instead are creative and innovative solutions for fostering sustainable growth, securing jobs, developing societal entrepreneurship and increasing competitive abilities.