Managing by Values

Leaders understand it and tap into this “inner voice” to manifest their vision, values and culture, mission, strategies, and actions. Listen to it. Our inner voice calls us, nudges, or sometimes shoves us – into increasing levels of greatness. Particularly when we can focus on service to others: employees, customers, vendors, communities, and other stakeholders.

To lead with soul requires that you know what you deeply value, and you shape your life and business around your truest desires. It calls you to practice the art of presence, and to choose, daily, a way of living, leading, and working that contributes to wholeness and renewal.

The best visionary leaders paint a clear compelling picture of what is possible. They see into the future and strive to take others there!

Humanism is a transformative philosophy of life. When it is applied to human any human endeavor, it improves the quality of the work being done dramatically. A few examples of just how transformative Humanism can be when applied practically includes the advances in in psychology since the foundation of Humanistic Psychology, Humanistic medicine, Humanistic sociology and more. 

There are many definitions for different types of leadership, such as, transformational or transactional, autocratic or democratic, task oriented or service oriented leadership.  

Humanistic Leadership is the application of Humanist principles to leadership and personal development. Humanism is a philosophy that recognizes the dignity and worth of each and every human on the planet. We treat people with respect and compassion.  

The aim of humanistic leadership is to place people over profit in order to make business more sustainable. This does not mean that profit is not important. To thrive and survive every business needs profit, but with a humanistic leadership approach business and people thrive.  

With the constant threats of environmental change and geopolitical conflict, we need humanistic leadership more than ever in order to enable a sustainable and more peaceful world. 

The humanistic leadership model (HLM)is needed to better lead others at a personal, societal, and organizational level.   Becoming a humanistic leader is not optional but mandatory if we aim for sustainability at all levels now and into the future. 

Our Founder Yannick Le Guern/ intervention at Ecole Centrale. For more information please contact us.