#NoWallsButBridges Video B1-AKT SIP- Leading with Values with Jill Chapman

Soul: the invisible inner-being of legacy leaders becomes visible in taking action. Call it spirit, essence, or source. It is the vital force behind our thoughts, words, and actions.

Leaders understand it and tap into this “inner voice” to manifest their vision, values and culture, mission, strategies, and actions. Listen to it. Our inner voice calls us, nudges, or sometimes shoves us – into increasing levels of greatness.

Particularly when we can focus on service to others: employees, customers, vendors, communities, and other stakeholders.

To lead with soul requires that you know what you deeply value, and you shape your life and business around your truest desires. It calls you to practice the art of presence, and to choose, daily, a way of living, leading, and working that contributes to wholeness and renewal.

Social impact Project B1-AKT #NoWallsButBridges

Miss Jill Chapman is the founder of the Create Network and Director of the Create Community Network.

She is an HPC Registered Occupational Psychologist. She is a highly experienced facilitator, coach and mindfulness trainer, and is qualified in a wide range of tools and instruments to enable people to achieve their full potential. 

She has international experience working in public, private and not for profit sectors.  Jill uses Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Training and a range of psychological tools and techniques in her work with her diverse range of clients from Board members to graduates and participants in Create Community Network’s programmes.