#NoWallsButBridges – White Paper Report on Sustainable Migrant Integration – Petrache – Le Guern

“A grass root Public Policy – International Awareness campaign”

B1-AKT //Migrant Integration Lab within the context of its global awareness campaign initiatives inspired by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development launched a grass root Public Policy/Citizens Diplomacy International awareness campaign, an open social media dialogue concerning migrant solutions for sustainable integration developed in the Migrant Integration Lab device (a global device for sustainable integration).

Download, read & share the report: 2019-05-23 Final Report Campaign No Walls but bridges Migrant Sustainable Integration Le Guern Petrache

B1-AKT a collective of deep thinkers and thought sustainable leaders teamed up with Ecole des Ponts Business School  and their full MBA young leaders.  The campaign was designed under the shape of a social impact project (SIP) and tailored as to build Positive & Sustainable Social Impact.

École des Ponts Business School’s Full Time MBA is a flagship program for Innovation Management in a global economy. The program leverages the latest research and traditions of excellence in Innovation, Technology Management and Entrepreneurship.

The name of the campaign was “No Walls but Bridges”. The project had a predefined budget of absolute zero. This parameter applied to the planning and execution of all deliverables, assessment criteria, and control satisfactory factors (CSFs). All participants had to use social engineering and sustainable innovation in order to achieve strategic objectives.

The campaign aimed at:

  1. Acknowledge the benefits of immigration by crafting a positive, new narrative on integration: Developing sustainable communities and intercultural dialogue
  2. Crafting a positive narrative on migration based on social, cultural and economical benefits deriving from it.
  3. Inspire political engagement and active citizenship by bringing together, citizens, civic societies, migrants and refugees, public & private sector, international organizations, Academia and media around the globe into a dialogue on the problems and sustainable solutions on Migration Crisis developed in “Migrant Integration Lab”.
  4. Building social impact

The project also aimed to identify the impacts of government migration policy and communication, and the interaction with public debate and activism. One of the project’s targets was encourage opinion leaders and political ones to act for a sustainable process of integration.

We can only hope that our story will improve public and private sector partnerships and build linkages between migration and governance for prosperity and development, with sustainable ways of working together in a Transnational Context.

By building this type of campaigns, improved social cohesion and wider solidarity can arise by making people work together towards a shared future trough creating strong, long-lasting basis for interaction, dialogue between migrants and members of receiving communities.

The campaign has showned that it can challenge prevailing prejudices and build bridges, against all the odds by enabling citizens, newcomers and institutions to practice collaborative ways of living together.

Key words:

  • Strengthening civil society
  • Building international networks
  • Moving communities
  • Prioritising sustainability
  • Social impact