Preparing the New normal with “You Learn I learn” Transnational Team

As we are preparing to come out of lockdown. People around the World has one thing in mind, what will be the new normal post COVID 19 lockdown. In order to answer this question, the leading team of “You Learn I Learn” got together once again to have a fruitful discussion.

Here below we are sharing with you all few points which came up during discussion and holds relevance in this era of COVID.

Finding opportunities in crisis

“This is always been a characteristic of Human Beings. Collaborations b/w countries can be seen in terms of providing essential goods and services, embassies across the globe are in touch with one another to take care of immigrants and students who have stuck away from their home countries. Big Biotech companies are coming together to develop a vaccine for Novel Coronavirus and make it available as early as September this year.

Democracies of the world are coming together to fight a common enemy, State and central governments of the world are seen collaborating with a common vision.

Virtual Learning

Books will be transformed to e-books, Classmates to e- mates, teachers to virtual gurus, Channels will be aired to help those who don’t have access to internet and smartphone. Education Industry will remain neutral with loss of expenditure from old ways and addition of new platforms.

Security Check will be accompanied by Health Checks

Entering airport, Theatres, metros, sports complexes will now be having two sets of hurdles.

Digital Revolution

It’s on the card and will flourish for next 2 to 3 decades atleast.
IT skills, Online Work and all the new software will be on the rise.

Work from Home

It was a concept until 2019, but in 2020 it’s a new normal and will remain in the corpy world for decades to come
Saves money, time and space.

Sector of Economy needs revamping

Hospitality and aviation, Automobile, Real Estate, Construction, Retailers and FMCG.

Trust, Empathy and Believe

These three ingredients will determine the success of a corporate in the new normal. Bond between employees and employers need to be strengthened, similarly for customers and employers”.

Many more points we discussed in our 1 hour long discussion. Cheers to all team members for coming up and sharing thoughts.

For more information please contact the initiator of the group Lalit Bansal.