Presentation of the strategic project of Mission Locale de Thiérache

Young people live in a society in which creating sustainable career opportunities is complex. Guidance is crucial to support motivated, smart career-choices and prevent early leaving from education and training for a number of reasons. The style of career counselling advocated at Mission Locale de Thiérache can help young people make meaning of their career-lives and (re-)kindle their sense of hope and purpose. Moreover, it can help them devise practicable strategies to actuate their sense of purpose and hope and also help them experience a sense of being part of something much bigger than themselves.

B1-AKT team had the pleasure to present the the associative and strategic project specifically tailored for the “Mission Locale de Thiérache” as to efficientely anticipate and implement the France Travail strategy and Labellisation. Congratulations to the pilot team and all our employees for their commitment to the participative and collective approach initiated by their President, Nelly Janier-Dubry.

Special thank you to the elected representatives for their unfailing support Éric Donnay, Cambraye Olivier and the innovators Aline Dubart, Nadège Allard, Alexandre Furet, Sophie Michaux, Morgane Julien, Gaelle Oget , Claire Caigniet and Paul Meurice.