“The voices of meaning”

International research seminar

The international research seminar “Voices of Meaning” has started.

“How does humanity view its future in the face of global risks? How can we articulate the different traditions of meaning that have driven the history of peoples and cultures? Are contemporary cultural and spiritual syncretisms unsurpassable? What are the places where meaning emerges? How can we promote openness to complex thinking (E. Morin) which would integrate the question of meaning?”

For a period of 3 years we will reflect on the evolution of society and organized human action. Using complex thinking, a panel of scientists, philosophers, futurists, innovators, humanists, thinkers and actors of transformations, we will re-think the question of meaning, individual and collective commitments, as well as questions of spirituality, humanity and concrete action, political renewal.

Under the leadership of Michel Saloff Coste and with the golden brains : Jean Staune, Yannick Le Guern, Michel Abellan, Sophie Laleman, Laura Iuliana PETRACHE, Jean-Eric AUBERT, Sophie Izoard Allaux, Erwan Rabaud, Gwenaelle Lionnet, Benoit Hurel, Véronique Rocchi, Carine Dartiguepeyrou, ROJEY Alexandre, Daniel Trocmé, Dovi Burlandy, Maria Dolores, Francis Massé, Veronique Jeglot-ferré, Marc Luyckx, Stéphanie Lamarche-Palmier, Lydie Blandeau, Caroline Guidetti, Paulo Jorge Dos Santos Rodrigues, Veronique Roc.

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More on : https://theologie-catholille.fr/seminaire-de-recherche-international-les-voix-du-sens/

This research seminar aims to deepen the ancient and contemporary places and ways of discovery and constructions of meaning, drawing on the philosophical, religious and spiritual traditions of humanity.