Wanted design with Natalia Baudoin – Imprinted Memories & Skeuomorphism

Word of the day:  Skeuomorphism. This is a term that will be familiar to designers.

Skeuomorph /ˈskjuːə(ʊ)mɔːf/ noun: skeuomorph; plural noun: skeuomorphs

  • an object or feature which imitates the design of a similar artefact made from another material.
  • an element of a graphical user interface which mimics a physical object

Skeuomorphs are used in design for a number of reasons, sometimes they can be simply decorative and aesthetic to convey a mood. However they can also be used for more complex cognitive or functional reasons. 

Today B1-AKT sheds light on our global sustainable leader and “wanted” designer Natalia Baudoin and her inspirational projects : “Imprinted Memories” (a tribute to indigenous cultures and its prevalence in a world where globalization tends to erase local identities and cultures) and “Hefesto” (a research on blown glass molding, focusing on the imprinted traces).

Both of these projects will be exhibited at “The soul of objects” an exhibition curated by Luján Cambariere, Argentinian design and craftsmanship specialist who wrote an homologous book (El alma de los objetos: una mirada antropológica del diseño, Cambariere, 2017) for Wanted Design Brooklyn. The exhibition will be showing some of the best pieces from Latin American designers.

For the complete information about Natalia’s projects please click on: NATALIA/ WANTED DESIGN