#WE ARE ONE CAMPAIGN B1- AKT Message of our ambassador JILL CHAPMAN

Social Change Needs Our Soul!

We are all leaders. 

If we want to be a leader in the area of social change, we need to appreciate that learning leadership skills alone will not be enough to make a positive impact.  If you want to be a leader of change that has a positive social impact, pause and put the books down, clear the busy diary and make space to look first of all at your ‘Soul Compass’.

It is likely your intuition is telling you that leading with your soul would feel a whole lot easier. However, your rational logical brain will want some good reasons for doing something different.  Here are a few responses to the logical brain that could be helpful…

  • If we are guided by our memory of being an expert problem solver, we may lead and drive ahead a solution that has worked in the past, only to discover that it is too simplistic and disconnected to make a difference.
  • If we are guided only by others’ beliefs and their ‘soul’ purpose, we won’t have the energy required to personally take action. We will lose commitment, focus and drive.
  • If we are guided by our emotional reactions alone, we may panic ourselves and frantically start more than we can contain and will burnout.
  • If we are guided by our ego, we may commit to winning others over to our own idea being the best and only way, and become blinkered and rigid, ignored or at worst win a battle only to find it has caused more problems.

We can reach all kinds of blockages when we use our leadership without a reliable and sustainable guide.  The guidance we need to seek out needs to speak to us from a different level of consciousness. 

As Einstein taught us “no problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it”.  We, therefore, need to develop our consciousness awareness at our soul level, and anchor our leadership in this more stable and sustainable core.  

Without our Soul Compass to guide us there is a big risk that we will give up, burn out, be fighting the wrong battles or winning those that add to the problems we face.  

So how can we reconnect with our Soul Compass?

To Know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” Socrates. 

To reconnect with our soul, we need to truly know our self.  We need to internally inquire about who we are, what we are passionate about, how we want to be in this world.

Clearly social change is needed and one person alone, however intelligent, cannot solve the complexity of issues surrounding us in areas such as climate change impact, our global mental health crisis, unprecedented levels of displacement and migration, and massive economic inequality.

Within a collective purpose, shared values and intentions, our soul compass allows us to authentically collaborate in finding solutions to these complex issues

In doing so we sustain ourselves, each other and move with focus and agility to keep on the path that they all deeply believe they should be on. 

However, one person guided by their soul compass, alongside others guided by theirs, has a chance to understand and change the systems that are creating and sustaining the problems we are facing right now.  Could that person be you?

Let us hear it from our Wise Leader & Soul Hero Jill Chapman:

” In these unprecedented and scary times B1-AKT are a sustainable anchor that provides welcome reminders of the wonderful qualities we have as a human race. 

Shining a light on how when we build bridges, let go of what divides us to notice what connects us, and interact from the heart as well as the head – how life becomes abundant and robust in responding to threats and fears.  As always we achieve and thrive more together than apart. 

This campaign strikes me as one that activates our sense of hope and gratitude, such important qualities for creativity and innovation for transformational change as we step out into an emerging and uncertain future.  Turning towards the heroes that are around us and the hero within us in this way of heartfelt admiration and appreciation of them and their leadership is such a positive movement to be part of and is really energising and fulfilling. 

Our work at Create Seven aligns so much with this campaign, positive activism in this way is being illustrated around the globe as powerful.  The GAIA movement from the Presencing institute, of which we are proud to be part of, is a good representation of this too with over 6000 people connecting, acting and regenerating with true heartfelt purpose on real world projects for transformation. 

With such a force and wealth of energy directing attention and growing awareness in areas such as every-day leadership heroes; the letting go of binary constructs that divide; reconnection to nature and us as nature;  the visibility of the potential of goodness that can be activated in humankind, and the growing demand for imagination and innovation on a kinder and more sustainable future – the outcome has to be a brighter future that holds all of life more equally within it. ”    #postconventional leadership #presencinginstitute #theoryU #kindnessandcompassion #newleadership #regnerativeleadership

Thank you for your “soul hero” contribution Jill Chapman!

Jill Chapman is the founder of Create Seven, Create Network and Director of the Create Community Network.

She is an HPC Registered Occupational Psychologist. She is a highly experienced facilitator, coach and mindfulness trainer, and is qualified in a wide range of tools and instruments to enable people to achieve their full potential. She has international experience working in public, private and not for profit sectors. 

Jill uses Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Training and a range of psychological tools and techniques in her work with her diverse range of clients from Board members to graduates and participants in Create Community Network’s programmes.  #WEAREONE