WELCOME TO THE B1-AKT EXPERIENCE! “A Reaching for the Top Culture”

Novel, innovative and creative solutions to business problems

We develop high level in-depth knowledge of the latest theories and methodologies in business research and act as thought leaders for organizational change. Our Customers assume a significant and high-potential role as boundary-spanners between academia and business.

We make sustainable development so attractive that it becomes normal and part of your company. We are entrepreneurial and risk-taking. We relish the hunt for ideas, for solutions and for collaborative opportunities.

Our result captivates, motivates and activates. Our team is immersing itself in research and digging deep into the imagination, this is the reason why we get fired up to imagine the seemingly impossible (imagine the impossible). And then we imagine more. We train our people in creativity and immerse them in a culture that thrives on it.

Get to know us

We are a bunch of creative clever, sparky people. And what brings us together is our passion for building sustainability in today’s connected world. We exist to search for new, better solutions to our clients problems. We create value by being quick to learn, adapt and improve. We take pride in offering distinguished, striking, notable, outstanding, astonishing and best targeted solutions.

What Kind Of Company Are We?

Designing & Implementing Leading Sustainable Strategies // Paragon Communication // Enabling Sustainable Politics & Diligent Political Advising // Steering global complex projects // Change Management – they’re all the fields of our work, the way we connect.

We would prefer to say we are a global company, fully plugged into today’s world. We work with companies, institutions and political parties to develop strategic responses as to maximize their impact through sustainable solutions & ecosystems.

We are bringing them to their highest level, developing and improving its leaders, people, culture, systems and processes. We’re a global consultancy that helps you defining the future with a uniquely collaborative culture.

So What Do We Specialize In?

We are in takeaway menu style service offerings, defining “off the shelf” solutions – new communications to empower, sustainable strategies, innovations and agile ways to connect. What we specialize in is  intimately understanding the ‘uniqueness’ of each customer, the ways in which people can use it, and how to engage people in exciting new creative ways.

We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what it can be. We help you structure and enable sustained results.

On short: We help our customers achieve their objectives. We do this through smart thinking, exquisite craft and customer relationships based on high levels of trust and respect.

Why B1-AKT?

Some companies like to say it’s because they are the biggest, the boldest, the oldest, the newest. At the end of the day it’s the people who are working on your image, values and company that matter.  For us success is a team sport. We work closely with all our clients to build relationships where knowledge and ideas are shared openly to achieve results that everyone can be proud of. With our team – we think you’re in pretty safe hands.

There’s a taster of some of our favorite work we’ve done for some of our customers on our website. Alternatively take a look at our “Latest” for a quick insight into some of our thinking. But enough about us, get in touch – we’d love the opportunity to chat about you: 


“We are inspiring leaders working to create transformational change.

Our work is diverse. Our approach transnational. Our goals are unique.

But we stand united in our purpose: build a brighter and sustainable future”.