13 Jan Transcending Identities – A Greater Europe

By Laura Petrache and Yannick Le Guern

“The only thing constant is change” We all have heard this phrase. Maybe so much that we tune it out as a “cliché”. The world around us is constantly disrupting us, everywhere in our lives. Surely one will answer: we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond. But, how do we respond to change, and more importantly how can we influence or even spark it?


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13 Sep B1-AKT Impact report 2015-2020

Welcome to the Impact Report for B1-AKT. This report brings together and describes the many positive changes that we bring about for the people, enterprises, and communities that we touched in France and overseas.

The report is intended for our staff teams, local and international partners, and numerous other stakeholders who share an interest in our work. We hope that you enjoy reading the report and that it adequately conveys the incredible contribution that everyone at the B1-AKT made towards achieving our sustainable impact.

Download here : 2019 B1 AKT Impact Report


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13 Mai #NoWallsButBridges – White Paper Report on Sustainable Migrant Integration – Petrache – Le Guern

“A grass root Public Policy – International Awareness campaign”


B1-AKT //Migrant Integration Lab within the context of its global awareness campaign initiatives inspired by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development launched a grass root Public Policy/Citizens Diplomacy International awareness campaign, an open social media dialogue concerning migrant solutions for sustainable integration developed in the Migrant Integration Lab device (a global device for sustainable integration).


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2018-02-19 Report migrant integration solutions short version B1-AKT Yannick Le Guern Laura Petrache



« A sustainable solution to a world-wide crisis »


The purpose of this report is to serve as a guide for national and international integration governments, actors and facilitators, policy makers, to turn a crisis into a societal, economic, cultural and sustainable development advantage.

This report is based on

  • The description of a holistic device of migrants* sustainable integration designed & created by B1-AKT
  • Practical integration experiments in 7 countries,
  • Feedback, evaluation and international benchmark as to extract efficient integration practices.


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26 Août Sustainable Solutions for Leading Change

Sustainable Solutions for leading Change with B1-AKT-Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Communication “Paragon Communication Lab”, against violence.

Context: UNESCO’s Academy of Young Women in Bucharest, Romania.


UNESCO Academy Women Europe B1-AKT Le Guern Petrache english UNESCO

Academy Women Europe B1-AKT Le Guern Petrache Romana

Violence against women and children has far-reaching consequences, resulting in significant death and disability. Developing cultural competence results in an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures, and work with varying cultural beliefs and schedules.

The main question as to construct dialogue with the participants: « What are the specific postures, behaviors, tips in order to communicate and conduct Projects and become a global sustainable leader when you are a Woman?


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13 Mar B1-AKT & CNR UNESCO join their forces against violence


 « Academy of Young Women »

The fight against xenophobia, extremism and aggression

Romania – Bucharest August 2017

B1-AKT is honoured to assure an international workshop during the CNR-UNESCO’S ACADEMY OF YOUNG WOMEN, that will take place at in Romania, in August 2017.


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06 Mar B1-AKT Empowers women by street-art

 « Empowering women and fighting against xenophobia the 8 march by means of street-art.»

 CP Dis bonjour à la Dame 8 mars B1-AKT Vitry art 2 rue Le Guern

B1-AKT, Arts-Mondes-Cultures and Vitry Art de Rue, joined their forces in order to empower women and fight against xenophobia the 8 march by means of street-art.
The feminine artists we will use their skills to create murals addressing problem with domestic violence, gender inequality and the mistreatment of women. This dedicated event is called “dis bonjour à la dame” and it will take place in Vitry.


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25 Fév B1-AKT and CMA-Life Long Learning World Commitee join forces

 « B1-AKT  teams-up with CMA in order to build 1000 learning territories world-wide»

The original goal that led to the creation of the World Committee, stemmed from the observation that the lifelong learning concept had evolved in the 1990s from a recommendation to a necessity, owing to the advent of the Knowledge Society, in which the sharing of knowledge and skills are a key factor.

CMA is an international NGO in active partnership with UNESCO. They all share a strong determination to contribute to a harmonious development of the lifelong learning sector.
The World Committee was created in 2004 by a team of French, Chinese, North-American and Quebec professionals.


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10 Déc Congrès mondial pour la pensée complexe – UNESCO


Congres Mondial pour la pensée complexe-Celebrating 70 years of UNESCO. Yannick Le Guern, Edgar Morin, Daniel Janicot, Pierre-Julien Dubost, Fulvio Caccia, Esther Dubois, Khadija Moudnib, Laura Petrache, les Mariannes de la République

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10 Nov Les Réfugiés seront les entrepreneurs de demain #MigrantsIntegrationLab

24 heures après l’élection de Donald Trump, Widoobiz a rencontré Yannick Le Guern et Laura Petrache, dirigeants de la société B1-AKT / Leading Sustainable Strategies & Communication. Ils sont les créateurs du Premier laboratoire européen d’intégration des migrants, réfugiés et minorités ethniques, le « Migrant Integration Lab ».

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06 Sep European Identity & interculturality projects – UNESCO Romania

European Identity & interculturality projects. A warm thank you to Daniela Popescu and Ani Matei – Unesco General Secretary – Romania.

Finding common ground

“Today we live in a “fractured world” and it is not only visible in world relations but is also continuously increasing, within societies. The rise of populism and protectionism is of concern to those who have relied on closer international cooperation to prosper.

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15 Juin B1-AKT & AKT AS-1 partenaires du « Festival International – La Nuit des Arts et des Mondes 2016 »

La 3ème édition de « La Nuit des Voyages aux bouts des Arts et des Mondes », festival des Arts et de l’Interculturalité créé en 2007, et portée par l’Association Arts-Mondes-Cultures s’est déroulée  du 21 mai au 14 juin, aux SHEDS de Pantin dans le petit Brooklyn – 21ème district.

Le festival a eu cette année, pour thème : « UNI(S)VERS LE RENOUVEAU ». Il était placé sous le patronage de la Commission Nationales Française pour l’UNESCO et de la Commission Nationale Roumaine pour l’UNESCO, du Mona Bismarck American Center et a bénéficié du soutien de la Ville de Pantin.


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11 Juin B1-AKT Acts for Global Citizenship & Philantropical innovation – Tesla Project


Atelier TESLA took place on 11 June 2016:

Keynote speaker was Aleksandar Protic, Chief coordinator of the Sorbonne University Tesla Memory Project, followed by Umesh Mukhi, Director of the Sustainable Leadership Initiative and the Academic Coordinator of the EuroMBA at Audencia Business School. The atelier TESLA was moderated by Milica Mitrovic, UNESCO.

The introduction was made by one of the organisers, Yannick Le Guern – director of the Golden Brain Art Investment Firm, president of the B1-AKT – Leading Sustainable Strategies and a former advisor to the French Minister of the Interior.



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10 Juin AKT AS-ONE soutient : Sensibles Quartiers et Opéra

AKT AS-1 a été heureux de soutenir l’opération Sensibles Quartiers et Opéra avec la Compagnie La Tempête dans le quartiers dis sensible, » les 4 Chemins », à Pantin lors du festival « La Nuit des Arts et des Mondes »

Ont été présentés : Vêpres – Sergei Rachmaninov (chœur) et Canticle of the Sun – Sofia Gubaidulina (chœur, percussions & violoncelle solo) sous la direction de Simon-Pierre Bestion, direction / 26 chanteurs / 2 percussions / 1 violoncelle.


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05 Mai Open invitation : “Envisioning the global sustainable community in Pantin” by intercultural and art projects


May 21st – June 14th Values diversity. A sustainable community understands that a cross section of the human and natural environment reveals one constant: diversity. Human diversity and biodiversity are essential to a thriving social dynamic and web of life.

A sustainable community promotes and implements this truth through its policies regarding the built environment. It does not segregate or segment populations or elements of nature but integrates them into the fabric of the community. This will permit new arrived companies and existent ones, social integration and becoming social main sustainable actor.


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17 Déc AKT AS-1 Intercultural Institute… MANUFACTURING CURIOSITY – UNESCO 2016.

Laura Petrache-Le Guern / AKT AS-1 Intercultural Institute… Fabrique de la curiosité – UNESCO 2016.

Digital platforms, algorithms, streaming, big data, social networks… The digital turn is currently transforming our consumption of cultural goods and services. Models of production, distribution and recommendation are going through major changes.

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