Building Global Industrial Solutions with Capelier

07 Fév Building Global Industrial Solutions with Capelier

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Manufacturing organizations face significant challenges: cost pressures, increased regulations, disruptive technologies and the increasingly costly delivery of raw material resources. Processes, workflows and the understanding of performance are dramatically changing. Operations can no longer work in linear execution, or in isolation of other functional work streams such as engineering, maintenance and planning. Instead, the value chain needs to perform as an integrated whole to support the fluctuating demand cycles and higher cost supply activities. New AI technologies have the capacity to make sense of the abundance of data through systems that can adapt and learn. By expanding digital intelligence adoption, AI technologies can help executives translate data into insights to drive greater innovation, and better operational and financial decisions.

On short: Industry 4.0, digitalization, and robotics are buzzwords omnipresent in our everyday lives. What impact do these developments have on coordinate measuring technology? What will be required of measuring systems to comply with highly connected manufacturing environment in the future? With 37 years of experience since its creation in 1984, CAPELIER metrology company is a cutting sharp edge reference by supporting industries in optimizing metrology, measurement processes. Navigate the Industry 4.0 revolution with us!  More to come soon.

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