Creating a « Narrative that Matters »

09 Nov Creating a « Narrative that Matters »

Creating a « Narrative that Matters » at Jönköping University with global sustainable leaders Umesh Mukhi, Laura Petrache and Yannick Le Guern

« Responsible Management Education (RME) is the field driven by academic changemakers who are inspired to make positive impact in their teaching, research, institution and local communities.

This community of change makers who have led such initiatives often have experiences and stories and which could inspire thought and action among the fellow community members. Stories via their innate nature connects us via tangible human experience to visualize past, present and future for finding solutions.

Faculty stores are often intertwined between personal and professional tussle on how they intend to create impact, resolve a RME issue and how do they relate with bigger picture of RME for creating a positive impact. »

Thus, in this PRME conference we propose to create a space end time for a storytelling workshop where we will get to

1.Reflect and craft the stories of our initiative

2.Narrate these stories to fellow changemakers

3.Engage in active listening and Appreciative inquiry of fellow changemakers

4.Re-thinking future about Individual and collective initiatives (RME)


The Responsible Management Education Conference 2019 was an interesting place for academics who shared higher values of sustainability and responsibility.

We discussed how we can learn from each others diverse perspectives and how we could enact change via individual and collective actions.

This meeting is essential for us academics who can use this platform to make significant changes in teaching and research for sustainability agenda in management Education.