Emission/Webinar 2020-07-06 : « Vers une humanité meilleure ? Towards a Better humanity ? » Invité Umesh Mukhi

29 Juin Emission/Webinar 2020-07-06 : « Vers une humanité meilleure ? Towards a Better humanity ? » Invité Umesh Mukhi

Webinar gratuit sur Zoom – LIEN: https://fgv-br.zoom.us/j/95361307663

Meeting ID: 953 6130 7663

Date : Lundi 6 juillet

Heure : 18h – 19h Paris Time

Questions abordées :

Quelles sont les mutations concrètes du monde ? Vers quoi vont-elles ? Que sont les changements de paradigmes sociétaux, les nouvelles aspirations des individus et des peuples ? Comment interpréter la montée de la violence, des revendications et l’accélération de la remise en cause de ces paradigmes ? Quels sont les nouveaux engagements/responsabilités citoyens individuels et collectifs ? Peut-on évoluer lors des périodes de chaos ? Quelles sont les destructions-créatrices nécessaires ?

Intervenants :

Umesh Mukhi : Professeur en Management et Leadership – FGV EAESP, São Paulo School of Business Administration, Ambassadeur culturel Unesco, Co-Fondateur du réseau Global Sustainable Leaders.

Interviewé par Yannick Le Guern – Professeur en Sciences de Gestion et Entrepreneuriat, Président de B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Communication, journaliste, prospectiviste, entrepreneur, humaniste, co-fondateur de nombreux Think Tanks et du réseau international Global Sustainable Leaders.

Synopsis Émission:

Depuis 2012, Yannick Le Guern, dans l’émission « L’art de changer le monde et de bâtir une humanité meilleure », présente de nouvelles manières de voir, de penser et d’agir, d’entrepreneurs, d’artistes, de philosophes, d’humanistes, de chercheurs, de personnes qui changent le monde par ce qu’elles font et par ce qu’elles sont.

L’émission met en lumière des profils et personnalités connues ou inconnues d’exceptions qui, par leurs exemples nous donnent envie de bâtir une humanité meilleure et de construire ensemble un avenir commun.

Les discussions s’engagent autour des projets, parcours, visions du monde et valeurs de l’invité. Partant du principe d’Epictète que « philosopher, ce n’est pas discuter de philosophie, c’est vivre sa philosophie », les invités nous font vivre leurs expériences de vie, professionnelles, spirituelles ou intimes, souvent étonnantes, montrant qu’on peut s’approprier le monde dans ou hors des codes.

L’énergie positive mise par nos invités dans leurs vies et leurs projets nous fait appréhender de nouveaux comportements possibles pour mieux vivre ensemble, être plus fraternels, solidaires, simplement humains. Ils nous font prendre conscience du sublime, d’un idéal personnel ou sociétal meilleur et atteignable, quelles que soient les difficultés.

Join us and build a Better Humanity! Discover the profiles of global shapers around the world, driving dialogue, action and implementing change.

Focus on:

What are the concrete changes in economic, social and corporate world? Where are they heading? What are new trends in leadership, the new aspirations of individuals and peoples? How should we interpret the rise in violence, demands and the acceleration of the questioning of these paradigms? Can we evolve in times of chaos? What kind of destruction-creation is necessary?

Guest presentation:

Umesh Mukhi is a Professor of Management, Multicultural professional, possessing educational and working experience in Education and Diplomacy across Europe, Asia and Latin America.

He is passionate about pedagogical innovation for creating enhanced learning experience. Interests: Program Co-ordination, Leadership, CSR, UN SDGs, Sustainable Development, Organizational Behavior, Management Research and Teaching, International Relations, Educational and Cultural Diplomacy, Telecommunications.

Prof. Mukhi teaches within the Faculty of Management Department at FGV EAESP, São Paulo School of Business Administration. He completed his bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from University of Mumbai, India. He then moved to France where he obtained his Master’s in management at Audencia Business School and his Doctorate in Management from University of Nantes.

He approaches the field of Management from transversal perspective and is passionate about pedagogical innovation for creating enhanced learning experience. His teaching and research interests encompass topics such as Role of Business Schools, Organizational Behavior, Sustainability, Spirituality and Cross-Cultural Leadership development.

He has been visiting researcher at United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education, New York. Umesh has also coordinated Master Program and Executive Euro MBA at Audencia Business School. He has also delivered training sessions for business schools, public and social sector organizations in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Prof. Mukhi is also a recipient for Tesla Silver Coin Award in 2014 for youth empowerment and holds the title of Honorary Cross-Cultural Ambassador of UNESCO Club, Sorbonne University, Paris for his educational and inter-cultural contribution. He is fluent in English, French, Portuguese and Hindi.

“A transformational teaching, research and institutional practice has a strong potential to shape mindset of our graduates so that they could contribute in developing responsible organizations” – Prof Mukhi

About Yannick Le Guern:

Innovative Entrepreneur// Global Shaper // Internationally Experienced.

Yannick Le Guern, President and Founder of the company B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies and Paragon Communication offers an example of today’s global sustainable leader & change maker: internationally experienced with the ability to turn experience into value creating opportunities that serve both his organizations and the world.

Yannick studied at the renowned University of Paris IX Dauphines where he obtained a PHD in Strategic Management and Organizational Sociology. Actively involved in global sustainability, public policy implementation and politics he started his career during Jospin Government, as high leading technical advisor.

A few years later, he participated in the strategic reorientation of the renowned Advancia-Novancia Business School and created a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. Already concerned by the will to develop sustainable projects, he introduced in France the new concepts on the responsible, social and sustainable entrepreneurship. Presently, Yannick continues his activity as lecturer concerning entrepreneurship, complex projects steering, public policy implementation, leading and strategic management.

His focus would eventually shift towards creating strategies for sustainable leadership that also addressed pressing human problems. He recently launched an unparalleled network for global sustainable change the “Global sustainable leaders’ network” together with other sustainable and change actors.

Partners Description:

FGV EAESP is the leading business school in Brazil and is ranked among the world’s best business schools. Its faculty is known for impact and contribution for Brazil’s Development . It has more than 100 partner institutions in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, opening doors to academic and professional experiences across the world.

More on: https://eaesp.fgv.br/

Global Sustainable Leaders-un unparalleled Network for Global Sustainable Leadership 

Our sustainable social and business models are creating a larger awareness and social Impact. At GSL we

  • Promote International Development
  • Develop Sustainable Leaders by means of Programs and Trainings, Labs and Sustainable Learning
  • Promote cooperation with other countries

We Raise awareness about the actions carried out at local, national and international levels by institutions and governments in favor of innovation, dialogue, understanding and cooperation among peoples, cultures and religions and also act by implementing social and societal projects.

With a strong practical orientation, our models and frameworks have been developed from observations of best practice organizations based in different parts of the world. However, the principles of our sustainable leadership initiave are also well supported by evidence gathered by an international network of affiliated university collaborators, including masters and doctoral research students. 

We develop new generations of effective and ethical leaders who are able and driven to comprehend complexity, reflect cultural and political nuance, and engage as responsible global citizens in anticipating and confronting the world’s most pressing problems.

Building leadership skills and enhancing the capacity of individuals and organizations to address local and global challenges constitute a vital part of our mission. The long-term and short-term training programs arranged by our Center connects attendants and professionals with peers and colleagues around the world and prepare them for leadership on a host of urgent topics and issues – from climate change and renewable energy to and interfaith dialogue – essential to advancing peace and prosperity for all. 

We are committed in innovation, sustainable academic Learning and entrepreneurship, as cornerstones of impact activity.

More on: https://www.globalsustainableleaders.org/

B1-AKT is a French based international company with a proud history and pioneering spirit. We have remained true to our core purpose, while continually extending our reach, influence, and impact.

B1-AKT enables a network of global shapers, driving dialogue, action and implementing change. We work with companies, institutions and political parties to develop strategic responses as to maximize their impact through sustainable solutions & ecosystems. We are bringing them to their highest level, developing and improving its leaders, people, culture, systems and processes.

B1-AKT offers the most innovative, leading and sustainable solutions in complex project steering, international management, intercultural training, holistic communication. We do it via strategic advisory services, leading training services and innovation labs. We love innovation, and we work diligently to uncover innovative concepts, ideas, and sustainable practices.

At B1-AKT we implement sustainable development and solutions, create long-term, global change, by using innovative tools and sustainable strategies to get there.

Simply put, with us, innovation is finding and applying new approaches to address existing problems or serve unmet needs. From a development perspective, we provide innovations as new solutions with the transformative ability to accelerate positive impact.

“We are inspiring leaders working to create transformational change. Our work is diverse. Our approach transnational. Our goals are unique. But we stand united in our purpose: build a brighter and sustainable future”.

16 years+ of initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change.

More on: http://b1-akt.com/

Themes/Portuguese Information : Quais são as mudanças concretas no mundo econômico, social e corporativo? Quais são as novas tendências em liderança, as novas aspirações dos indivíduos e dos povos? Como devemos interpretar o aumento da violência, as exigências e a aceleração do questionamento desses paradigmas? Podemos evoluir em tempos de caos? Que tipo de destruição-criação é necessária?

Themes/Spanish Information : Cuestionamientos abordados: ¿Cuáles son los cambios concretos en el mundo? ¿hacia donde se dirigen? ¿Cuáles son los cambios en los paradigmas sociales, las nuevas aspiraciones de los individuos y los pueblos? ¿Cómo interpretar el aumento de la violencia, las demandas y la aceleración del cuestionamiento de estos paradigmas? ¿Cuáles son los nuevos compromisos / responsabilidades ciudadanas individuales y colectivas? ¿Podemos evolucionar durante los períodos de caos? ¿Qué destrucciones-creativas son necesarias?

Themes/Romanian Information: Teme abordate: Care sunt schimbările concrete din lume? Spre ce tind? Care sunt schimbările în paradigmele societale, noile aspirații ale indivizilor și popoarelor? Cum putem să interpretăm creșterea violenței?care sunt noile paradigme? Care sunt noile angajamente / responsabilități individuale și colective ale cetățenilor? Putem evolua în perioadele de haos? Ce distrugeri-creatoare sunt necesare?