« Formation complète au pilotage et management de projets » inscrivez-vous à la prochaine session !

01 Mar « Formation complète au pilotage et management de projets » inscrivez-vous à la prochaine session !

  • Développez vos talents et vos compétences avec une formation complète au pilotage et management de projets.
  • 3 jours pour acquérir tous les outils, les pratiques et les postures nécessaires au chef de projet (avec ou sans expérience).
  • Formation entièrement prise en charge (par vos OPCO), grâce à la certification Qualiopi de notre organisme de formation. 1890 € H.T.

En savoir plus sur la formation

Get the Project Management Training that builds Management & Leadership Skills

Boost your management team’s effectiveness and performance with our onsite or virtual project management training. You can sign to our next session dedicated to management training here:

About the training:

3 days (you get to choose: online or onsite) to acquire all the tools, practices, and postures necessary for the project manager (with or without experience). Price: 1890 € excluding VAT. Our training services can be completed by tailored consultancy and coaching activities on demand: contact@b1-akt.com

Why invest in Project Management Training?

  • Are your managers struggling with ever-changing workloads?
  • Are projects running late?
  • Would it be valuable to have a new set of PM tools?
  • How would your organization benefit from more effective project management?

What will be the impact?

Trainees will be able to:

  • Integrate the essential tools and appropriate behaviors to initiate the project management.
  • Understand and use project tools and implement management adapted to project phases and stakeholder behaviors.
  • Manage the project holistically, from the preparation phase up to the closing phase.

Why us?

B1-AKT is the peak global body for the development of sustainable solutions to the effects of complexity. We help you implementing robust project management practices from day one as to improve the chances of delivering a project on time and on budget. On short: we are bringing your organization to its highest level, developing and improving your leaders, people, culture, systems and processes.