Immersive Leadership Lab

21 Mai Immersive Leadership Lab

Business leaders today have to be constantly accessible and attentive; they are under immense pressure to respond to ever more complex challenges with a level of insight that has to be truly world class to compete.

Immersive Leadership is an experience that connects leaders to one of the most important sources of emotional intelligence, decision making and resilience – reflection. As the gateway to critical awareness, reflection has never been more important, yet the art is being lost on a generation of leaders.

Our model takes people people through divergent and convergent stages of learning. Within each stage we use various reflective tools such as grounding, mindfulness, embodiment, intention setting, forced connections
Immersive and experiential learning enables individuals to not only understand the theory of why we should act in a certain manner in specific circumstances, it enables them to ‘see it, feel it, live it’ and truly immerse themselves in that given situation.