L’outil en main

15 Mar L’outil en main

Creating knowledge, building confidence, and breaking down barriers to opportunity with « L’outil en main » association.

Traditional craftsmanship is in need of a new self-understanding and increased public awareness of its value to society.

Entire occupational fields are threatened with extinction along with their associated bodies of knowledge and skills, and it is high time that these negative tendencies be countered—not only as a sustainable answer to global mass-market production and excessive consumption, but also in the interest of providing future generations with training and career opportunities that are both sensible and promising.

#children, # open #door to a better life.

On short :

A highly collaborative process, expert opinions, including the experiences of the Volunteers working with youth around the world.

Information, knowledge,and experiences which can influence the youth in a postive manner and society at large.

Craft education provides a systematic approach to solving problems and a context in which young people can test their own knowledge and apply it to practical problems. The idea behind hands-on learning and learning-by-doing pedagogy is based on a constructionist view of learning.

These kinds of pedagogical approaches enhance young people understanding and engagement by involving them actively utilizing, testing and creating things.

Séminaire des administrateurs, délégués territoriaux et pdts des assos régionales de L’Outil en Main France. 👏 aux 40 bénévoles présents!