New Leadership voices: Yannick Le Guern

06 Déc New Leadership voices: Yannick Le Guern

Yannick Le Guern :

« For me, the new leadership is change making, driven by transcendent purposes and develops global sustainability.

In my opinion, new leadership must be based on :

  • values of humanism,
  • on a will of evolution
  • and concrete actions, to develop local sustainable communities, in a global context of interdependency.

The new leaders must be aware of a mission, ethically driven, developing axiological action, in other words: creating sustainable communities interacting around common values.

I believe that the new leadership must be agile and collaborative. It must be committed to global citizenship,  bringing, its own contribution to the common venture, creating evolution.

One of its purposes would be to affect public policies as to enable a sustainable future.

Moreover new leadership is knowing how to identify and apply appropriate economic, moral and political incentives to actually incorporate sustainable development into our daily lives. »

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