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« A Heart of Stone »

The earth beneath our feet has been formed by intense fire and massive pressure; forged upon the anvil of time into the beautiful, natural world we all see today. It can however, at times, also be challenging due to the hand of ‘Man’ and our relentless need to mould nature to our way. Green spaces, that once were an oasis of calm, have become concrete walls that trap us, closing in on us both mentally (the head) as well as emotionally (the heart).

However, we believe that it is still possible to find ourselves in an exquisitely peaceful space, if we just remember that it is always there if we take steps to return to it. Through mindful awareness, we believe that we are all be able to find emotional and psychological healing.

By launching ‘A Heart of Stone’, Head To Heart Network intends to bring small ‘mindful moments’ to everyone’s day. We call these stones, #MindfulPebbles.

Human beings for millennia have been carving and painting rocks in a way that both worships the earth around them as well a way to connect to their fellow ‘Man’. Each image or symbols describing their connection to the planet and we felt that the act of marking a small stone and leaving it for others to find had a powerful message to deliver.

Each marked stone has a symbol and the corresponding message on the site www.h2hn.co.uk has a link that takes the finder to more information about that symbol, provides insight and commentary on the triggered subject matter and offers techniques for finding calm and peace in the hussle and bussle of the world we live in.

While we started out doing this alone, we definitely felt that ‘everyone’ should have the chance to be part of this movement and to share the power of present moment awareness, the love of the natural world and a deep connection to each other. We have a strong desire to make the world a healthier and happier place and we encourage everyone to take part.

‘A Heart of Stone’, is designed to get people outside and start to think ‘mindfully’ about their lives and the people around them. The symbols and the ideas behind them are merely triggers to look deeper inside and establish a lasting understanding of the world including the people around you. Our place and our relationship to the world is in our hands, like the very stone you hold and in respect to future generations, we need to have a planet that can sustain us.

The protection of this planet starts in our very actions and in our head and heart. Mindful awareness is the catalyst to start a dialogue on compassion and connection.

It is hoped that through this small ‘movement’ we can help bring more people to the present moment and by connecting with each other and the natural world around we can all work towards making a happier and more sustainable world for us all to enjoy. »

JONATHAN (Head to Heart Network)

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