Strategic PMO with B1-AKT

13 Nov Strategic PMO with B1-AKT

Leading projects is challenging during the best of times – the current pandemic is surely going to make the job more difficult. If your PMO is on lockdown, as most of us are, we encourage you to try to find the positive amongst the storm.

In the world of business, we often don’t have the opportunity to stop and reflect on how the PMO is performing, communicating, or adding value to the organisation.

In times of crisis, the eyes of your team will be on you. You have a responsibility to lead amidst the uncertainty, the anxiety, the fear.Be brave to acknowledge vulnerability but also be kind to support others through the journey.

People cope with stress in different ways and your role as a PMO Leader should be to drive behaviours and practices, being available to listen (sometimes that’s all it takes) and to give assurance on measures and next steps.This is the time to care for others and for companies to show real corporate social responsibility. It starts with you. #KeepSafe

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