Heroes and friends – Inspirational Meeting in Amsterdam @ImpactHub

16 Fév Heroes and friends – Inspirational Meeting in Amsterdam @ImpactHub

B1-AKT met the founders of Heroes and Friends, Tim & Menno Manschot in Amsterdam.

They are contributing into building a better world by revolutionizing crowdfunding.


Tim & Menno Manschot told us:

“We see the dawn of an awesome world. Informal initiatives share stuff and skills to solve minor and major problems. People are participating in projects that make a better tomorrow, because they inherently want to do good. A collaborative and direct economy bypassing old conventional systems is rising; initiatives like  AirBnB, BlaBlaCar, Etsy, Kickstarter, Peerby, TaskRabbit, TransferWise, Uber,and VandeBron are here and happening.

We build our platform of Heroes & Friends to better serve this change. Our crowdsourcing tool surpasses the standard by being based on that same direct economy.

These four beliefs guide us in our quest:

1. People are inherently Good

What gets us up in the morning is to unleash the potential of growing local communities across the world. Sure there are a few jerks out there, but we focus on the potential of people wanting to do good. We are here to support you local visionaries around the world, to help you find skilled workers and necessary goods to grow your impactful projects. One cause at a time.

2. Participation is the new Philanthropy

Around the globe people are coming together with agendas for positive change. We believe that people really step up, when they feel the direct impact of their actions. Projects can truly engage donors by involving them as team members. One can help by donating cash, but also by offering the skills or stuff a project is looking for and would otherwise need to raise money for. Actively campaigning online and sharing what you believe in, is a powerful tool in a project’s mission. It personally invites an exponentially growing circle of friends to participate. This gives rise to the Collaborative Economy as the new alternative currency to philanthropic euros, yen or dollars.

3. Collaboration is the new Competition

It used to be lonely at the top. But in this new society there’s not just one winner; winners work together to reach a larger goal. At Heroes & Friends, we believe that with like-minded people, you can move mountains. So we are dedicated to enabling communities of do-ers and believers around them, to do good and scale impact. Together. Every day.

A winning collaboration shows a high degree of freedom and communicates as direct as possible. So we do not act as the middleman and we do not believe in transactional fees. Because a gift is meant for who you give it to. All of it. Our technology is free for you to make this world a bit more awesome.

4. Technology scales Impact

In this networked world, it was never so easy to do good, and doing good was never so connected and effective. Via social media local heroes can become global change makers when their cause is exposed to the right opportunities and support. Technology enables us to spread local change makers across the globe and foster valuable partnerships that last, touching the lives of many. That’s why we are determined to keep our technology sophisticated and more than up to par.

Let’s make it an awesome world!”

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